​Congrats to Melky and our All-Stars

I saw Melky when he got to the park today. As soon as he arrived, all the reporters were around him.

“What’s going on?’ he asked.

“You made the All-Star team,’’ somebody told him.

Then he smiled the way he does – he always looks like he’s trying not to smile but then it just spreads across his face. This time it broke through fast. He seemed genuinely surprised and really happy.

“I can’t believe it,’’ he said. “Nice!’’

He called all his family back home.

He really deserves it. He should have made it last year, but this year God has given him the opportunity to show again what he can do. He knows he belongs among the best in the game.

I’ve said this before, but Melky has become the guy I really look up to. I’m so happy for him. And I said to myself, “Next year, I’m going to try to do what he did and make the All-Star team.’’

I’m so happy for Pablo and Buster and Matt Cain, too. We’re so lucky to be playing in San Francisco with these fans. Even when we’re going bad, they’re always supporting us.

During the All-Star break, I’m taking my family to Santa Monica. We have never been there. I wanted a beach vacation. It’s the most relaxing place for me. So I went on the internet and researched places in California and decided on Santa Monica. We’ll fly down and stay in a hotel and just chill.

We go to Washington, D.C., this week. I was there with the Braves when the Nationals played their first game in their new ballpark in 2008. But I still have never toured the city. I’ve never had time. We are there four days this week, so maybe I’ll finally get a chance to walk around and learn about the history of the United States.

I’ll try to check in again before the All-Star break.

Thanks for reading!


Thank you for signing for my in Philly, White Shark!(: Best of luck with the rest of the season. You’ve been doing a fantastic job playing out in center.

I really like your blog. I was wondering if you could check mine out. Come and see an 11 year old’s view on all things baseball. Please feel free to offer any advice.

Hope your family had a blast in Santa Monica! Just to echo the other comments, thank you for writing this blog. I love reading your updates and was thinking that someday when your kids are grown, they’ll treasure reading these posts and the chance to understand what was going through your mind as a young dad and rising baseball star. Each post your write is a valuable lesson in work ethic, positive thinking and appreciation for God’s blessings. I really thought it was symbolic that your “Hitting the Reset Button” post was immediately followed by the “Still Unbelievable” post. I’ve been showing your highlight clips to my dad and you’ve become his favorite player – he’s started watching the games on MLB TV from NY! Hang in there and thanks always for thrilling us fans and putting on one heck of a show!

Is this really you, Gregor Blanco? I’m 60 years old and have been a Giants fan since 1958. I never dreamed back in the 50’s and 60’s that I would be able to read the in-season thoughts of one of my favorite Giants players. You give such great behind the scenes insights and observations. You described how Melky’s smile “spreads across his face” in a description worthy of a professional writer. And you are so nice; a family man and dedicated athlete.

You are the right kind of ballplayer for our S.F. Giants ballpark and it encourages me to see that you are working hard to get better, with the coaches and on your own. I am a Gregor Blanco fan.

Go Gregor, go Giants!

my email is omar.gson@yahoo.com not the smiley face

keep playing hard and you will make it maybe next year maybe in 3 years who knows but the way you get good is practice and a strong work ethic. also i noticed you are swing at balls alot on 2-0 you should expect a strike but if its not a pitch you can hit dont swing i saw you a few games a go swing at a pitch 2-0 that was a strike but it was in a very hard place to hit it should have been 2-1 but it was a popout. also can you give me some tips on hitting ive been terrible at hitting in the last 2 years i really need some help. my email is :omar.gson@yahoo.com please reply

Gregor – I wrote your name in on All Star ballot & voted for you 25 times BEFORE I read your blog posting. After having read how hard-working, ethical, well-spoken and grateful you are to be in MLB & on Giants, I couldn’t be more pleased. You are a GREAT addition to the team & I’m praying for your continued success. Hope you’re a Giant for a long time and if so, I’ll keep voting for you! 🙂

Hey Gregor, when you’re southern cal, check out Manhattan Beach and Huntington Beach too…..Surfin’ USA. Those beach towns are just a bit further south of Santa Monica.

Enjoy your time off. DC is interesting, my husband and i went two years ago when the giants were in town (all our vacations revolve around Giants games) and Strausburgh was a rookie. We did a nighttime bike tour of the monuments, which was neat but hot. I just found your blog, tell kruk and kuip it needs more promotion. You really write well. I used to read Bengie Molina’s when he was with us, and appreciate the chance to get to know the guys I watch every night.

Love your blog about Melky. I hope you and your family enjoy your time together during the break. All 3 of you Outfielders Cabrera & Pagan are by far the best players. My 6 y/ o son who plays little league baseball always tells me he wants to be just like you and Melky. Being an Island girl from Hawaii but now a Cali girl, if you haven’t already visit the islands of Hawaii for some Fun in the Sun. Keep up the awesome job, so happy your a SF Giants!

Excited for Melky. I also voted for you this year on the All-Star ballot as a write-in candidate – so happy to have you playing in San Francisco. You, Melky, and Angel make an exciting outfield. Love how you guys end each game on the field together before you come in. That’s the kind of bonding that makes teams great and fans appreciative. Thank you Gregor! Enjoy your well-deserved break with your family – my family will be cheering for you when you come back for the second half!

Keep up the hard work. You were my write=in candidate. Hopefully next year you’ll be on the ballot. Go Giants!!

Enjoy D.C. and your vacation! I know we’ll be seeing you in an all star game soon.🙂

thank you for writing! love love love getting your updates and reading about the inside scoop. Go Giants!!

Just so you know, you are a remarkable role model.

Have fun in D.C.!! I love watching you play and I will definitely be voting for you to get to the All-Stars next year!

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