Play Hard. Be Happy.

I’m getting ready for our fourth game against the Rockies, hoping for a sweep. We’ve been playing so well on the road, so it’s great to play so well in front of our own fans. The magic number is down to five, but we take nothing for granted. We keep focused on every single game and try to win every one. We have to keep working harder and harder so if we make it to the playoffs we’ll be ready for them.

And our fans deserve for us to play hard, no matter where we are in the standings. They cheer for us every single day, so we need to show them that we want to win as much as they do. We’re fans, too, of the San Francisco Giants and we want to go to the World Series again. If we keep playing the way we’re playing, we have a chance to do it.

Look at what Matt Cain did yesterday. Look what Pablo did. Guys are stepping up. I had three hits yesterday for the first time since early July. I had some inflammation in my shoulder and had to take a few days off, and maybe that’s what my body and mind needed. I’m feeling really, really good at the plate.

I’m not in the lineup today, which is one of the hardest thing as a player. But you always have a job to do, even when you’re on the bench. Paul left a question for me that ties right into this. He asked what I think my role is on the team. I think it’s to bring extra energy to the club and to always be really supportive. So when I’m on the bench, my job is to cheer for everybody and to pump them up when they’ve made a mistake. I always have a smile on my face and just try to keep people loose and happy.

Someone asked what I do on the road. Usually I eat with Scutaro and sometimes with Pablo and Sanchez, my Venezuelan buddies. We talk about the games, about food, about families. I also watch a lot of movies. I love watching movies. That’s the thing that relaxes me the most. On the last road trip I watched a scary movie. I can’t remember the name, but it was a good one. I watched it by myself, and I wasn’t sure that was going to be OK. But I was fine. My favorites are action movies like Independence Day and Armageddon.

Like most players, I have routines on game days. When I get to the ballpark, I do my batting and fielding, and after BP I have a protein shake. I don’t like to eat too much because I’ll be full during the game. Then around 6 o’clock (for a 7 o’clock game) I put on headphones and listen to Venezuelan music while I stretch and get focused. I always say to myself, “You can do this. Go out there and have fun and play hard.’’

When I go up to bat, my walk-up song  is “Welcome to Jam Rock’’ by Damian Marley. I’ve had the same song all season. It makes me happy to hear it.

OK, got to get out to the field to warm up. Then I’ll drink my milkshake and I’m ready to go. Thanks for reading and for supporting our team! It means a lot to all of us.


The Giants are special to me. The day I moved from Seattle wa. my airplane landed
And when I got off the plane a very large banner “Welcome giants” was flying high.
my nickname all through school was “GIANT” because I was only 4 feet tall. I was born to be a giants fan! we arrived in SFO together.
Lynn aka Giant

CONGRATS!!!!! So proud of you and the rest of the guys for clinching tonight!! What an incredible game! It has been so much fun watching you play this year. I love when you get on base and they play the Jaws music. Thanks also for doing the blog. It’s really cool to read and hear about things that are going on that fans normally aren’t privvy to.

My friend Leona and I have seats in lower box 134, 25 rows back, and we always hope you’ll throw a ball in our area since you throw pretty far back into the bleachers. Actually the one tonight (clinch night!) came close; it was about 10 rows below us. We’ll be there Sunday and Thursday. Would love it if you’d get a few tosses up into our section🙂 If not, oh well. We still get to watch you guys play!

Blanco, I’m always happy to see you get in there and especially to see you do well. I throw up the shark fin at home on the couch when you get a hit. 🙂 But we love and support everyone on the team, regardless of whether they start every game or only get in one time all season. I think back to 2010 when we one a game off a stolen base by Darren Ford. No stolen base, no win. No win, no playoffs. No playoffs, no WS Champions!

So your role is to be supportive, but its also to help us win a championship!

Like you says it is easy to not be in the lineup if you are not then you have a different role and that is to be a good teammate. On TV I watch you in the dugout always you seem happy. Keeping winnng and believing!

You should go with Tim Lincecum sometime to In and Out Burgers for their chocolate milkshake, they are really good.

thanks for sharing, you sound like an ideal teammate, keep up the good work! And that is the ideal attitude, take nothing for granted, give your all all the time, I’m really glad the Giants signed you over the off-season, you have been a good Giants player. I look forward to seeing you with the team in the future.

Bravo, Blanco!

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