The Greatest Feeling

Last night was unbelievable. It was the greatest feeling I’ve ever had in my baseball career. The fans were so great. I loved running around the field and slapping everyone’s hand and saying thank you. And the clubhouse was crazy. But at some point in the midst of the champagne and music and hugging, I thought about last year.

I was in the minors the whole season, first for Kansas City then I was traded to  Washington. I didn’t play a single game in the major leagues. And by August, I was on the DL after surgery for bone spurs in my wrist. The Nationals released me on November 2. And for two weeks I didn’t have a team. I didn’t know what was going to happen.

Then the Giants signed me in mid-November to a minor-league contract.

“Remember where we were in spring training?’’ I asked Joaquin Arias, who signed a minor-league contract with the Giants a month after I did.

“I know,’’ he said.

We were at the bottom of the roster. Neither one of us thought we’d make the team. And now we find ourselves in the playoffs. It’s crazy. Such a great feeling.

My wife and baby came into the clubhouse with the rest of the families last night. She was so happy for me, and I was happy for her, too. We’ve been through a lot together and to share that moment meant a lot for both of us.

But all through the clubhouse, even while we were celebrating, guys were saying, “Now we have to accomplish the next step.’’ We have the talent, the chemistry and the fight to do it.

That’s been the rallying cry all season for us – pelea. It’s Spanish for fight. Our manager started it, I think, early in the season. He was just having fun, but we all followed him. When someone’s up at bat, we yell, “Pelea!’’ When a pitcher is facing a big at-bat, we yell “Pelea!’’

It’s a word that describes our team really well. Fighters.



Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post.
Thank you for supplying this info.

Congratulations to you!

Great post Gregor! Your blog is amazing! I was wondering though: do you write in Spanish and have it translated, or write it in English? Because it’s incredibly well written!

Congrats Gregor, on your good season and on making the playoffs. Thank you for sharing your insights into your life as a major league player.

Pelea all the way to the World Series Championship! This Giants team has excited the fans with their great play in the past month to take the division title and put a chokehold on it. Good luck!

Gregor! Thanks for that insight into a player’s life when you bounce from club to club. That can’t be an easy life. So happy to see that you and Joaquin have found a home with the Giants. You are both fantastic players and the Giants are lucky to have two such players that play with such drive and spirit. I was at the game on Friday and that relay started by you and completed by BCraw and Buster was fantastic! If you believe and play hard and work for each other there is nothing you guys can’t achieve. You guys make me proud to be a Giants fan the way you pull together and work for each other. That is really special. What a wonderful moment for you and your wife and baby to share! Yeahh!!! Play hard and have fun in the playoffs. I’ll be cheering for you every step of the way! Thanks and Congratulations. Go Giants!

just be urself and have fan and win it for the fans! you guys can do it…GO Giants!!!!!

Asi sera. Nada menos se espera de ustedes. Muchisima suerte Gregor para ti y el equipo entero! Se que no nos defraudaran. Y si por alguna cosa u otra no logramos el campeonato este año, me quedare satisfecha con el saber que le hecharon muchisimas ganas, pelearon cada dia y dejaron su alma en la cancha.


I love your Blog!!! Enjoy the rest of the night and your day off!! CHAMPS!!

Felicidades Gregor! Sigue peleando!

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