Sharing With My Brother

My dad can’t make it back from Venezuela for the playoffs – my first in the major leagues. But my 31-year-old brother Edward is here. I call him my brother because he grew up in my house. He’s actually my cousin. My uncle couldn’t raise him so my mother took him in, and we’ve been like brothers ever since. I love him. He hadn’t taken a vacation from his job for five years, so his boss told him to go visit me and see the San Francisco Giants. He arrived three weeks ago – his first visit to the United States. He’s been having a great time in San Francisco. He can’t believe how beautiful it is. I’m so happy he can be here, especially for this weekend. He never played baseball himself, but he loves it.

Pablo and Marco Scutaro have talked to me a little bit about what the playoffs are like. They told me things change in the playoffs – every single pitch counts, nobody’s thinking about their own numbers, all that matters is figuring out how to win. But at the same time, you have to keep doing what you’ve done all season. Not put more pressure on yourself. I’ve played in championship games back home. We had 20,000 people in the stadium instead of 40,000 like here. But the 20,000 are really, really loud. So I think I have at least some sense of what it will be like.

I don’t know when I’ll be playing. But I’m ready. I’m glad we have practice this afternoon so we can all be together and have our usual routines. This team has a great combination of energy and calm. I can’t imagine anything rattling anyone. I’m really thankful to be a part of it, and to have my wife, son and brother here at the park sharing it with me.


Gregor, thanks so much for how much you contributed to the victory over the Reds and for giving us some insight into your personal experience on the team. NLCS, here we come…you guys can do it!! PELEA!!!

Amazing comeback win today against the Reds to win the 5th game! Thank you for all you did to make it happen! EPIC!

Gregor – thank you for taking the time to share with us. Really enjoy reading your blog. Good Luck and Go Giants!! :o)

I love the heart and effort you bring to the game! Go Giants!

So glad you’ve been part of the SF Giants and now in the playoffs. Your smile and all-out play are a joy to watch as a fan. Play hard and stay loose these next few weeks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Felicidades y que Dios te bendiga grandemente.

Congrats on being in the starting lineup tomorrow! I love reading your blog and feeling your appreciation towards the fans. We want a Gregor
Blanco bobble head day next season!🙂
Until then, quick question– who is the most challenging pitcher that you’ve faced as a Giant?

Congrats on making the starting lineup Gregor! I know that you will do your best, good luck and have fun, as Barry Zito has been saying.

Gregor! Its too bad that your dad cant be there but I’m glad that your brother will be. So great to have family around to share with! Good luck to you guys. You all have played so wonderfully well this season to get to where you are! So proud of you guys with everything that you’ve had deal with and you’ve done it as a team working for each other. You personally have been so fantastic with the glove this year I always feel safe when you are patrolling left field because you get to just about ANYTHING! Play hard. Play proud. Play strong. You’ve already made us proud. Now lets have a parade down Market street and maybe your dad can come back for that!!!

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