Luck, Mostly Good and a little Bad

Almost all of the reporters were asking about Holliday’s slide into Marco Scutaro. I haven’t seen the replay, so maybe I’ll change my mind about it. But from where I stood in centerfield it looked like he went in hard but it didn’t seem like it was over the top. That’s the way you play baseball, or at least the way I learned how to play. You try to break up the double play. If I was going into second base – especially in a game that means as much as each of these games mean – I’d be doing whatever I can to keep that guy from throwing that ball to first

At the same time, Holliday’s slide really fired us up. He hurt our guy. We were mad. I don’t know how Marco is right now, but I’m glad we have a day off tomorrow so he can rest the leg.

And it was perfect that Marco came through with the big hit in the fourth to drive in three runs. That’s how things happen sometimes. A bad thing happens, then something good.

There’s more than a little bit of luck in baseball. Sometimes that’s what it takes to win a game.

Like my high chopper over David Freese’s head at third base in the fourth inning.


Then Crawford followed my bit of luck with some of his own. He hit a dribbler that should have been an easy out but Carpenter, the pitcher, made a bad throw to first. He’s safe at first, I’m safe at second.

Crawford looked over at me at second and we both kind of laughed, like “Do you believe this is how we’re mounting a rally?’’

I got lucky again in the eighth when I had to race back to first base when Jon Jay made that amazing catch on Crawford’s fly ball to center. (Crawford was robbed of two hits tonight by spectacular plays. That was his dose of bad luck.) To be honest, I thought I had no chance to get back to first – I was already about five feet past second. But I raced back and dove to the bag, trying to wriggle past Craig’s outstretched glove. The umpire called me safe. The replay apparently showed Craig did, in fact, tag my shirt. The umpire saw it differently.


I ended up scoring in what became a four-run inning that put us ahead for good.

​One of the things that always makes me smile during our games is looking into the dugout when I get on base – or when anybody gets on base. You see our guys going crazy – Wilson, Lincecum, Hensley, Huff,  Theriot, Romo, all of them. It reminds me that this is still a fun game and not just a business. Even in the playoffs, everyone on this team is having fun like it’s spring training.

​We get to sleep in our own beds tonight and then be back at the park around 9:30 to board buses to the airport. Our charter flight to St. Louis leaves around 11. I think we go to straight to the field for a workout and then to the hotel.

We’ll see you Sunday, right? I don’t expect we’ll sweep in St. Louis. And we’d rather win the championship here, in front of our amazing fans.

​Keep sending us good luck!


Gregor! Thank you for blogging I really do appreciate the time you take to do it with such a ridiculous schedule. Apparently Marco is one tough little cookie and while I think that slide was late I am so glad that Marco took the high road and simply went on playing the game as he does…continually getting hits. He is amazing. And so are you coming through with hits when they are really needed. You can Brandon Crawford have realy been hitting well in the 7 and 8 spots! Yeah. Go out today and have fun. You’ve brought it back to SF and have given yourselves what you have all season another amazing improbable chance to comeback when most counted you out! Play proud. Play strong! Have fun! Love you guys! Pelea! Pelea! Pelea!

We wish you lots of amazing luck, to go along with your amazing skill!! Keep it up !

I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who thinks THE GIANTS ARE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU!!!

Great blog Blanco! I love reading all about your perspective on the game and also the personal touches! Keep up the amazing work!! Luck or not we are always going to be here rooting you on!

Thanks for the updates. Your terrific post-play efforts have gotten you a New York Times piece, congrats!:

My grandson and I would love to see a clincher at home, but we agree that we will give that up for a sweep. In 2010, the Giants won all the playoffs on the road, and we were still very happy. So don’t hesitate to sweep on our account!

You’re one heck of a writer, Gregor, and I, for one, am so grateful you take the time to do it. I personally don’t like the kind of baseball that Holliday played. I know there is history, and precedent for it, but it’s at its most basic level…terribly, terribly selfish given what is on the line for each of you.

Professional sports is a career which can yield some fantastic results, and not just in terms of fulfilling a player’s most deeply held dreams, but it can also mean making the kind of money that most of us will never make and which can set a person up for life.

So, the question that always nags me is, “What kind of a person is the player willing to risk taking that away from another player who probably shares similar hopes and dreams to themselves?”

Obviously, not every big impact results in a terrible or career altering injury, but choosing to make those kinds of plays requires choosing to run that risk. I couldn’t do it…and I don’t like watching it. It makes me proud of the boys in Orange and Black to know you guys don’t play dirty ball, and it’s gonna be just reward when you guys take the NLCS and send the Cards home to watch the WS on TV.

Here’s to going ALL THE WAY!! PELEA!

Outstanding game all around! Love the insight.
I’ve got my MLB app working overtime! GO GIANTS!

Love the blog!! A sweep would be great too!!

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