No Doubts. No Regrets.

All we’re thinking about right now – and what we’ve been thinking about since the end of the season – is playing game by game. It sounds so simple. But that’s what it takes. You can’t think about tomorrow’s game. Or that you need three wins in a row to move on to the next round.

​Just one game.

​This team always believes it can win one game.

​There was no doubt in our minds we would win tonight. You could see the confidence in every face right from the start. Everyone’s relaxed. There wasn’t even a speech before the game because we’re already on the same page. We’re playing hard for each other and we’re having fun

​Even when I struck out today in a big situation, I didn’t worry about it. I knew someone would step up. I didn’t know it would be Vogey, but there you go. That’s our team. He makes the Cardinals pay for walking Crawford intentionally. He smacks a grounder that the shortstop misplays, and suddenly we have our second run in and we’re teed up for Marco to drive both runners in with a double to left.

​That’s how it works with us.

​We’re 27 outs away from being in the World Series. Just saying that out loud is amazing. I know I say this a lot but that’s because I think about it every day – I’m so thankful to the Giants for giving me a chance. I feel so blessed to be here right now. It’s been the best experience of my life.

​And it’s not over. We have no doubts going into Game 7. None. We know that we can control only one thing: How hard we play for each other. When we do that, we can have no regrets.

​Go Giants!


CONGRATULATIONS to the Giants winning the Pennant! I’m so thrilled that you were a part of it. My sister and I were lucky enough to be there – it was the best unforgettable night of our lives. It didn’t matter that we were soaking wet because being on a super GIANT natural high kept us warm and it helped that the Giants kept all their fans jumping up and down for joy! Now go get them Tigers by the tail and tame them to submission! The World Series is yours to win!!! P.S. I can’t wait to hear your story about Game Lucky Number Seven.

Super orgulloso y contento por lo que estas viviendo Tiburon, vivimos cada juego, cada turno, como si fuesen los Tiburones. Sigan asi que van en el camino correcto para quedar campeones. Gigantes Pa Encima! !

“And it’s not over. We have no doubts going into Game 7.”
You were right! Congratulations! Have fun in the World Series!

Yes, another great blog post, thank you Gregor for sharing your thoughts here, we love the information that you have been sharing with us.

Good luck today! Pelea! Pelea! Fans are behind you guys all the way!

Thanks for keep posting!

Once again Gregor thank you for keeping up with this blog when you have so much to do and so little time it really means a lot to us as fans! Thank you. When you struck out in the second I thought what you did and shouted at the TV “shake it off Gregor, don’t worry. It will be OK!” And it was! You guys are amazing! I keep saying I love you guys because it is true. I love the way your selflessness and the way you play for each other. Marco said in the post game interview room that you guys just love playing together. That is so evident!! The Cards will throw everything they are at you but you are such a resilient team that I know you can withstand it all. Just play loose and have fun; Play string and Play proud and we will grab that Pennant and run into the World Series! So happy that you are Giant! Love you guys! Pelea! Pelea! Pelea! Go Gigantes!!

Thanks so much for continuing to write, Gregor. We love you guys…and we’re all rooting so hard for you all. This 2012 Giants team has been so much fun, all year long. Last night, I was at my girlfriend’s parents home, with about 20 of us all jam packed into the living room. We had KNBR audio, playing through the iPad and over the speakers, everyone was wearing Giants gear, and we went nuts every time something even slightly positive happened. The first time you came to the plate, we all turned our hats sideways with the bill pointed up like a shark’s dorsal fin and started chanting, “Duh-nuh….Duh-nuh………..Duh-nuh-Duh-nuh-Duh-nuh” to make the sound of the JAWS soundtrack. You guys are such a bunch of fun loving characters with such a wide array of personalities and styles…it’s one of the things I love the MOST about this year’s team, besides of course how you keep WINNING, many times against incredible odds. Just one more game…you guys can do it. PELEA!! GO GIANTS!!


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