Pablo’s Hogging all the Hits

A reporter after the game asked me what the big headline would be in the Venezuelan newspapers tomorrow.

“I think the big headline will be about my two catches.’’

That made him laugh. Obviously it’s going to be about Pablo. None of us could believe what Pablo did tonight. Even Pablo couldn’t believe it. In the dugout after the third consecutive home run, he said, “I feel like I’m dreaming right now.’’

He had three major factors against him tonight: Verlander, AT&T Park and the World Series. It’s tough to hit a home run facing any one of those, and he conquered all three. Three times!

I can’t even hit a single and he hits three home runs and a line drive.

I remember watching the Pepsi Home Run Derby on TV two years ago. It’s a big competition in Venezuela, and Pablo won it that year. He just blasted one home run after another. Nobody had seen anything like it. He put on a show for the whole country. Tonight he put on a show for the whole world.

He was already a big star at home. When he got off the airplane after the 2010 World Series, when he didn’t even play very much, there were so many reporters he could barely move. Now it’s going to be unbelievable. People will be mobbing him everywhere he goes. Maybe he won’t go back!

As for me, I hope I hit better tomorrow. But if I don’t, I always know I’ll contribute with defense. I cover a lot of ground in the outfield. I love that. It’s really fun to run down a ball and making a diving catch and hear the crowd explode. I can’t begin to describe what that feels like.

Part of the reason I get to so many fly balls is that I get a great jump. I have it in my mind what’s going to happen when the hitter makes contact. I can see the catcher’s sign so I know what pitch is coming. I know the hitter either from facing him before or watching video. Is he a pull hitter? A line drive hitter? A slap hitter?

Sometimes I’m moving before the pitcher even throws the ball

Am I wrong sometimes? Yes, but not often.

Today before the game, my dad and brother were filling me with advice on how to face Verlander. “He’s going to challenge you with his fastball,’’ my brother said. “Try to bunt!’’  I tell them, “Don’t tell me too much! Just let me play!’’

Tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of the day my mother died from brain cancer. She also had breast cancer and ovarian cancer in the years leading up to her death. So I was really touched that I could hold up her name on the Stand Up To Cancer sign. I wrote, “MaMa, this is for you.’’ I believe she saw it and was really proud. Tomorrow I’ll light a candle in memory of her.


The pride we feel when we see you catch those balls is huge. We’ve seen how you do with our Tiburones and the feeling is always great, as if you had never done before. Our hearts vibrate with each play of you and do not forget that we support you in every breath you take. Go Giants. Go Tiburones. Pa’ Encima!

Thanks for another great game last night. What a perfect bunt and amazing defense! You have made key plays in many of the playoff games – defensively and/or offensively. They say, “pitching and defense win championship.” Go Blanco! Go Giants!

I’m a mom and I am SO proud of you – more than anything for the person you are… I KNOW your MaMa is proud of you too!🙂

You are awesome man, we all love you and that future golden glove. You will be a star soon.

It has been a blast watching you FLY in the outfield! I can just imagine all the little boys and girls pretending to be you. Let’s hope they all remember to play with the same joy and gratitude that you and your teammates do.

Omar Vizquel was one of your idols when you were growing up. What was it like for you, Pablo, Marco and Mijares, knowing that he was at the game? He got to see all of you, playing at your best. Did you you get a chance to speak to him? Wonder what he thought. Wonder what he thinks of Crawford. Omar was one of the best shortstops. Bet people will say the same thing about Brandon.

You are amazing! Keep playing..doing what you do! And I believe that your mom is definitely proud of you in so many ways🙂

You are completely amazing! I’ve been following you since spring training, and you have so much talent, so much potential to do spectacular things. Your defense is so great, I’m really not too concerned if you don’t get that many hits right now (though I know you have it in you to get those hits). I love your blog, it’s so thoughtful and honest. I know your Mom is smiling down on you, so proud!! Good luck tonight! Go Giants!!!

You are one of the best & one of my faves, Gregor … keep doin’ what you’re doing because you do it well! I’m sure your mom is SOOOO proud … and my daddy, who was the biggest Giants fan, is up there with her and thrilled y’all made it to the World Series … again!! (he nvr got to see the Giants make it) Much love/light/luck from a huge fan of yours & a Giants fan for all of my 36 years!!!!! ♡

Unbelievable catches last night! I know your mom is looking out for you and is so, so proud right now.🙂

Thank you for sharing your story about you Mom, Blanco. My brother-in-law passed from brain cancer almost 5 years ago. Last night’s tribute was very touching for my sister and our family too (we’re season tix holders). Your Mom, you and your family will find a way into our thoughts. And there is no doubt in my mind that she is beaming with pride in heaven looking down on all that you have accomplished.

What a great night! You guys did amazing and although you may not have done well offensively, your defense was out of this world!! Keep it up and the hits will come. You are doing amazing! Keep up the hard work and we are looking forward to seeing you light up the field again tonight!

thanks for this one. this is very nice. I’m glad I took time time read it… the part about your Mama brought tears, made me remember my Mommy, too… all the best for tonight’s game, will continue to cheer my heart out for the entire team🙂

I’ve been a Giants fan for… oh my… 25 years and I can’t remember a left fielder I was more excited about! Keep doing your thing!

Gregor, thank you for always sharing what’s on your heart. I really love reading these. I am so sorry you lost your mother, and may the peace and blessings of God be with you today and always. On another note, your catches are amazing to watch. I did not forget your fantastic catches even with Pablo’s homers. Your defense is so key to the Giants’ wins.

Such amazing catches last night! I was in a bar with coworkers and the place went nuts! And then you did it again! I’ve been following Brandon and Brandon but I am so bummed I am just finding your blog only today and missed it all season-but I will be going back to the beginning to read. You guys are on fire. We’ll be cheering you and the Giants tonite with our rally rags.

you truly are like a White shark out there in left field! fantastic plays! You will start hitting too, i’m sure of it. The fans are 100% behind you! I’m sure your mom is so proud, because you play your heart out. Amazing job last night, keep it up!!! And thanks for sharing your story with us, it means alot

Great game lastnite!

Your defense all season has been awesome. You are a one man ESPN Sports Center Top 10 Highlight reel. You were getting hits in the NLCS , and you will get them in this series. Relax and enjoy being in the World Series. All of the Venezuelans on the Giants are playing well and are making your Countymen proud. I am very sorry to hear about your Mother. I am sure your MaMa is watching and is very proud of you. Keep up the good work. Just keep playing to win one game at a time.

Gregor, WHO KNOWS what would have happened if you didn’t catch those balls? We were screaming YOUR name when they happened. The production will come at home plate. Unbelievable game and there’s nobody else we’d want out there covering left, so keep up the great work. We love you.

Don’t worry about hitting, just keep catching the ball! I love watching you play. Also enjoyed seeing Omar Vizquel at the park . Go Giants!

i think the cheers from the fans were as loud for your catches as they were for pablos homers

your mom is smiling

and you make venezuela proud

Your mom is watching from Heaven with the biggest smile on her face!!

You WILL hit better tomorrow and all the days after that! BELIEVE IT. I’ll be lighting candles too for you and for all the Giants – and in memory of both of our mothers.

Thank you for sharing Gregor. My Mom passed from breast cancer too, you have my sympathy. I think you will start hitting with game 2, you were probably too excited with your first World Series game. Good luck!

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