What a Difference a Year Makes

I haven’t blogged since before the final game of the World Series. My first night home in Venezuela, I got into my bed and I remembered that the last time I slept there I was about to leave for my first spring training with the Giants. I still can’t believe how much has happened since then.

I made the Giants’ Opening Day roster.

I contributed to Matt Cain’s perfect game.

I played in the World Series on a team that wasn’t supposed to win and surprised everyone with a sweep of the Tigers.


The most amazing part was the parade. Sometimes I wonder if that really happened. I remember every single moment of that parade. It’s the biggest thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I felt like a king, to tell you the truth. I felt like some supreme being. It’s so cool what the fans did for us. My wife and baby and I enjoyed every second. I wish my other son could have flown in from Venezuela, but it was too far to travel. We knew there would be a huge crowd but we didn’t expect to see people on rooftops, hanging from windows, sitting in trees. Every time I think about it I want to do it again!

People at home during the off-season looked at me differently. There was more respect.

When I talked, people paid more attention.

The question I heard most was, “Were you nervous in the World Series?’’ I told them no, I was just enjoying every single moment. So many people never even get to the World Series, so win or lose, I was going to enjoy the experience. I kept everything: jersey, ball, bat, glove, pants, hat, shoes. I’m building a showcase for everything at home.

I played 16 games in the winter league in Venezuela. When they announced the lineup for the first game, they introduced me as a World Champion and the crowd went wild.

It’s still crazy to think all this really happened. I don’t think I’ll really believe it until I see the ring.

I have the same locker here in Scottsdale that I had last year. I remember I didn’t know anyone except Pablo when I first got here. Now I feel like part of a family. I couldn’t wait to get back here and see all my teammates and spend time together.

What I’m working on most this spring is improving my offense. I have to put the ball in play more and use the whole field. I want to be known as much for my hitting as my fielding.

I’m heading up to the gym for a workout before we dress for practice. Part of the club is going to Goodyear to play the Reds but I’m not in the lineup so I can go home a little earlier than usual and spend time with my family.

Thanks for reading. I’ll try not to let so much time go by before my next post.


Gregor Blanco, Dios mío! No se cómo comensar o que dicer. Nomás que, des de la primera ves que te vi jugando, tu fuiste el que me atrayo al juego de béisbol. Te voy a ser sincera, a mi antes no me atraía el juego pero cuando te vi jugar era como sí una flor se habría abreto en mi vida. Y ahora béisbol es mi vida! Estaba yo estética por la razón que en mi cumpleaños ustedes (Gigantes) iban a jugar! No lo podía creer. Ya se que, alomejor no vas a ver esto pero te necesitaba que dicerte la inspiración que tu eres y también los demás jugadores de los Gigantes y también decirte lo poco lo que puedo en palabras porque para mi no hay palabras que puedan describir .

Gregor! You are amazing. You are my biggest inspiration next to Buster. My softball number is number 7. I have arguments with my dad on how you are better then any other outfield and he thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t care. Keep up the good work Gregor!.

I am happy to see you do so well last year & glad you are a champion. Yes the parade was amazing & I was one of those people in the trees lol. I am a big fan so please excuse me if I call your name at the game hoping for an auto. Is there anything you prefer to be called by? Whether I get one or not you will always have my respect.

people in venezuela know how to treat their ball players….americans could learn a thing or two

Gregor! Thank you for posting! I am so glad that we made you feel like a king in the parade because you guys gave us so much joy and happiness in both winning and in the way you won and the people that you are. Thank you. Believe it. You will get that ring and you will so deserved it because you played so well in the postseason! Your defense helped make it happen breaking Red and Cardinal and Tiger hearts with those catches! But you also will hit more this season I know it! I can hardly wait to see your face when you get your ring. Especially You and Vogey and Marco and the two Brandons and Hunter because it will be your first and that is special.

Thank you! For the way you play for our team, and for writing this blog! Please keep up the good work.

I’m so happy for you Gregor! I always enjoy reading your entries, hopefully you’ll be able to write more soon.

Loved reading this! Gregor is a great person!

Thanks for your post, Gregor! We SF Giants fans are proud to have you on our team, and hope you have a great 2013 season!

I was so excited to receive your first blog of the 2013 season! I’ve been waiting to hear from you long before my daughter and I saw you at the Victory Parade in San Francisco. We weren’t hanging from the trees but we were standing close enough I’m sure for you to hear our cheering! We are so thrilled to have you back with the Giants. By now you should realize that you’re a World Champion for a reason: You made a huge contribution to the Giants’ World Series victory last year and we have no doubt that you will continue your role, bigger and better, this season. Welcome back to your American home, Blanco!

Blanco you are my favorite giant and your game is a lot like mine I’m 14 and I am 1 of the fastest guys on my team as well as being amazing defense I am left handed just like you and hope 2 be playing in the majors like you in 6 years if not 5

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