When Larry Baer handed me the ring today, I thought I was going to cry. I really did. I was remembering my family, especially my mom, who’s up in heaven. I know she would have wanted to be here with me so badly. I dedicated that moment to her. I know she’s proud.

​To be out on that field today with my teammates with Cepeda, Mays, Marichal, McCovey, all the great Giants, it was not even real. I just looked at the ring in the box and then put it on my finger. It was more beautiful than I imagined. It just flashed like little light bulbs in the sun. I saw my name on the side, and thought, “Yes, it’s really mine. I am really a champion.’’ I can’t wait to look at it closer after the game.

Getting that World Series ring makes me believe that everything you want in life you can accomplish if you really believe in it.  The strongest thing a human being has is their mind. It’s tough, for sure, to get where you want to be. But you always have to have the mindset every day, every at-bat, every moment on the field. That’s true, I think, in everything, not just baseball. Last season taught me that.

This game is so much about your mind. I focus on the opposing team for any little thing I can use to my advantage. If I’m up at bat, for example, I watch the fielders really closely. If they move before the pitch, then I know where the pitch is going to be thrown. There’s so little difference between winning and losing so you can’t miss a chance to gain an edge.

Having a World Series ring means a lot to every player, but I think it has added meaning for the Latin players. Most of us came from poor countries. So it’s a really, really big deal to bring the ring back home. I’m not going to wear my ring. I’ll keep it in a safe and take it out only on special occasions. It will be my family’s legacy, something my son and future grandsons can have. They can say, “My dad and granddad was a world champion.’’

The best part of the ring ceremony was the last part. Every player got to throw a first pitch to the fans in the stands. I went to left field and tossed the ball up. I don’t know who caught it, but in my mind I was throwing to every fan in the park. I was thinking, “It’s unbelievable to play in this ballpark and in front of all of you. Thank you, thank you for believing in us!’’

Now all the ceremonies are over and it’s back to baseball and our usual routines. Now it’s all about playing — and believing in each other and earning our way back to the postseason and another ring.

Below: Blanco waiting to receive his ring

photo (3)


Thanks for sharing what it is like to win a ring Gregor!

Good going Gregor! Thanks for letting us in on how it feels to be a WS winner.

PA’ ENCIMA el Tiburón Blanco de Cua… Gregor Blanco!!!

Gregor, when they showed the pictures of all the fans at the WS game where we fans can find ourselves in the stands, I could tell who was up at bat: I had my scorebook in one hand and a shark fin hand over my head.

Pure, unabashed, innocent joy. As it should be. Congratulations Gregor, you earned every sparkle in that ring. But nothing compares to the sparkle in your heart.

Congratulations Gregor!!! You and your teammates deserve all the accolades. The 2012 Championship run of the Giants is historical. As a Giants fan since 1959, I applaud your efforts.

Congratulations Blanco! You deserve the ring for all your contribution. You are one of my favorite player we are there in AT&T park yesterday to watch you guys receive your rings and we as a fan receive a replica ring as well. After the game I went to Giants dugout to look for your shirt or jersey with your name or number on it but I can’t find one. I really want to get one and hopefully you can sign one for me son cause his a big fan of your’s…

Thank you,

Very classy post. So nice to hear your thoughts.

Greg, you are such a great guy. I am so proud to have you on our team!

Thank you Gregor for sharing with us your thoughts & feelings about this rare event. I am glad you see how special that ring is & that you have made your family & us fans proud. Many of us will never experience this exactly, but have caught a glimpse of it through your eyes by your beautiful description.

I have to correct you on one thing though. Your kids should say, “My dad IS a World Champion”. To all your family, to all the fans, you are & always will be a Champion!

Now vamos! Today is always a new day to make us proud again.

Gregor, you are one of the most quotable players on this team and really have a nice way with your thoughts and words. Well done sir, well done.

Just reading your blog is making me tear up! I loved the idea of the throwing the first pitch into the stands and especially what you were thinking I thought it was a wonderful idea! You guys so deserved the rings because you were wonderful! Forget about the result today and just go out fighting tomorrow. Just go out there every night and play your heart out and you will make us even more proud. Love you guys!

Congratulations to you and your teammates, Gregor! We fans are excited to be spending the 2013 season with you and enjoying more accomplishments. Be proud, and Go Giants!

Congratulations Blanco!! You and your team deserved it. We were at the game today and the ceremony made me tear up. I kept wondering what everyone was thinking. You guys played your heart out for that ring.

You are such an amazing player and by far my favorite player in the entire league!! So excited you are on my team.
My six year old brother watches them game with me and wants to be like you when he grows up!’ Thought that was adorable… Way to inspire.

Congratulations, Gregor Blanco! You deserve that ring for your contribution to the Giants’ World Series victory of 2012. This new season will be about defending that championship title and hopefully experiencing another winning season. Obviously, you wrote this blog before today’s game and aren’t prepared to comment on the horrific results. All we can do is put it behind us and look forward to the next game. No one likes losing but when it happens, the Giants’ determination to win should be stronger. Don’t forget that your fans will always be here to support you. By the way, it’s no surprise that my favorite games are the ones with you in the lineup! Hope to see more of you in left field.

The first pitch from the players to the fans was the best! Go get them Blanco!! You earned that the ring…now get yourself another🙂

So proud of all of you, Gregor! You earned every diamond and every once of gold on that ring. Thanks for continuing to write here on the blog. WS 2013!!🙂

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