A Reason For Everything

I have a few minutes before I go back out for batting practice, so I’m going to write a short post.


I just got in from doing some running. If I’m not in the starting lineup like tonight, I go out with our conditioning coach Carl Kochan almost as soon as I get to the park. Sometimes he has me running, sometimes doing agilities. Today he had me sprinting six times along the curve where the outfield grass meets the infield dirt.


He wanted to me to run from baseline to baseline in 12 seconds. He was excited I did it in 10. The pregame workout keeps me conditioned when I know I’m not going to get much, or any, exercise during the game. And it keeps me loose in case Bochy puts me in.


I know everyone’s talking about our bad road trip. But the way I see it, the bad stuff just makes us stronger. I think things happen for a reason, and this will just make us work harder. We believe in ourselves and in each other. We know things like this happen over the course of a season and that we’re going to snap out of it and be fine. We proved that to ourselves last year.


The high socks in yesterday’s game is an example of how we try always to stick together as a team. It was Pablo’s idea. I think he wanted to do something that would connect all of us. Some guys looked really bad. Affeldt really did. But no one looked funnier than Pablo. Maybe that’s why he chose that particular thing to do, so he could make everyone laugh.


I’ve been wearing the short pants and high socks every Sunday this season. Sundays are a day for God, so I wanted to mark the day by doing something different. So far, I seem to hit pretty well on those days, so I’ll keep doing it.


Let’s hope we get back on track tonight against the Nationals. It’s always great to be back at our park with our fans. Thanks for everything you do!



Love reading your blog!

That’s what makes you guys All Unique.. You know that you have to support each other as a Team and that’s Beautiful.. That’s why guys are the San Francisco GIANTS!.. I Believe in All of you.. Go GIANTS! Keep doing what you Guys Do Best!

Thank you Gregor!!!!!

Good stuff, Gregor! You’re fast becoming one of my favorite Giants!

I thought maybe Zito finally started a trend! Heads up, you all are still the greatest and will work through this slump.

Gregor, you are my favorite

It is a long season! Not all of the fans get that! Don’t let anybody harsh your mello, Gregor!

Your’re my man, Gregor. Keep it up!

This is the sweetest. Thanks for this post, Blanco.

Anyone can write a positive piece of writing after the wins are piling up. It’s refreshing to see you post when the going has gotten tough. I liked the high socks on Sunday and the fact that it was Pablo’s idea. It’s just one more example of unity. Let’s see if we can reverse last year’s record against the Nationals, and win five of six. Go Giants!

thank you for your look into your life of baseball!

I love the high socks! I wish the team would do it more often as a group. It’s such a fun thing and I think it’s a cool look!

Agreed, Pablo looked like an orange and black oompa-loompa.


Gregor – we all needed to hear this! Thank you. Ojalá que le vaya bien hoy – bendiciones! Juntos somos.

Love your perspective! And the idea that Sunday is for God~~ good to see someone doing something a little different to show that😉

Let’s get a win tonight! Go Giants!

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