Weirdness All Around

It’s been a weird schedule. We were home for just two games and now we’re on the road again for a long time. But it was worth coming back here, no matter how short a time. We can see our families, and we get to play in front of our fans. R.A. Dickey was tough yesterday, to say the least. All you can do is try to hit a mistake, which is what I was able to do. He has so much movement on the ball, and he gets your timing all off.

Glad we have a day off today to kind of shake the game off.

St. Louis was a weird experience, too. That storm on Friday, which postponed the game till Saturday, was scary. I’d never been in a tornado, so I was nervous about what it might be like. When we got back to the hotel, some of the other Latin guys and I were eating together, and Madison Bumgarner came over. He asked if we had gotten the textabout the possible tornado. That was really nice because he knew none of us had ever been through something like that. I don’t know if he had been through a tornado before, but he seemed really comfortable so maybe he has. He said if anything happens just go to the basement. That made me feel better, but I slept with my phone just the same. I didn’t want to miss a text or a call telling us to take cover. Luckily nothing happened.

Playing a double-header the next day, and losing both games, makes for a really, really long afternoon. Between games, I took a nap in the weight room. They had the lights down and yoga mats on the floor. So I got a towel to use as a pillow and slept for about 45 minutes. Pablo was in there sleeping, too, and Quiroz, and a couple other guys. I think it was a good thing to do but obviously didn’t help us win. You just have to say tomorrow’s another day. That’s why baseball’s so great. Tomorrow you can do something new.

As it turned out, Chad Gaudin was our “something new.’’ I played against him in Venezuela a couple years ago. He’s kind of a different guy now. He works out every day so he’s in better shape. He has a more explosive fastball than before, and his off-speed pitches are better. I’m really impressed who he is right now. I was watching him from center field and I was thinking, “OK, this guy’s really good.’’ He was commanding his fastball low. He didn’t care who he faced. I was so glad we got the win in general and for him in particular. He’s really been working so hard.

I spent my day off on Monday with my wife and son. We went to the dentist in the morning. I had a cleaning and my wife had a root canal. I thought she’d be in pain all day, but she was fine. The doctor did a great job. We got sushi, brought it home and watched the NBA playoffs on a new projector and big-screen television we just got. It was really fun to watch basketball like that.

Today when we get to Arizona, I’ll go watch a movie. Probably The Fast and the Furious 6. Then we play the Diamondbacks and hopefully gain some games on them in the standings. We need to remember to have fun. That’s when we’re at our best. I think we haven’t been having as much fun as we did last year, and we have to get that back.

Thanks for reading! See you in a couple weeks.


Really enjoy your blog. Thank you

I love reading your blogs. I think you are a great writer, and your blogs make me feel a connection to you. So I’m always rooting for you! I believe in you guys! Go Giants!!!

BTW I’m from Oklahoma welcome to the world of tornadoes. Never really get use to it.

Watching y’all play right now. Wow 8-0 we are killing them!! Keep up the good work

Gregor – Thank you. I hope you can feel the oddly distant but truly warm partnership that we fans believe we share with you. With you every step of the way…y tambien, en el dia de las madres, mi familia y yo deciamos bendiciones para su mama. La fota de ella que @SFGiants ponia en Twitter era bien bonita – ella tenia la cara dulce y classica. Bendiciones y paz en sus viajes…

was worried about you guys in St. Louis on Friday night. glad everyone was OK! That was really nice of MadBum to tell you what to do!

Gregor!! Love to read your posts! ! Out of curiosity in game Z pitched against Oakland a little kid slipped in to his post game interview and he bent and picked him up. Was that your son? he was such a cute little kid and looked a lot like you!!

that storm did look scary Flan post a vid from his hotel room and it did look menacing.

Good luck on the road trip. remembering to have fun is important! ! Love you guys!!

Thanks for taking the time to write this. Your fans appreciate the ‘inside’ info we get on your lives as well as your take on baseball and the team.

The whole tornado thing is strange. We were showing horses in OK right after a fairly big earthquake hit So Cal. As soon as people would hear we were from Cali they would start freaking out about earthquakes and how did we live where they were? Shortly after that there was a small tornado that hit the fairgrounds while we were off having lunch. Scared the heck out of us. There was only minor damage…huge barn doors twisted on their hinges, big truck trailer flipped on its side, metal umbrellas at the water park thrown around like frisbees. So we are freaking out and asking how do you live here? Their answer, when you see a tornado coming you can move! Really?? Glad it turned out not to be anything too bad in SL…except for the losses on the field.

Know that your fans are here at home glued to their TVs rooting you on as you play the Dbacks. Have fun. Hey how many people get paid to play a game they love?

Being born and raised in California, I have never experienced a tornado. Earthquakes, however, are a different thing-plenty of those. I think the Giants of late last season, resembled a tornado. That’s hard to duplicate. I think the 162-game schedule makes it impossible to be able to be at your best every game, especially with the whole league gunning for you. So, keeping that in mind, I think you guys will do just fine, because every other team has to also play those 162 games, and I’ll stack our guys against the opposition any day. Let’s start with the Snakes. If we can take two out of three, we will lay the groundwork for a successful road trip, and then get back to AT&T Park. Go Giants!

I am your number 1 fan Gregor I was at your game on Tuesday and I play alot like you I’m 1 of the fastest kids in my league i stole 13 bases in 17 only got caught once and fast and furious is a great movie I loved it hope you get this

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