Turning Things Around

blanco_photoMatt Cain came through the clubhouse today handing out T-shirts to everybody. The shirt has a photo of a blubbery shirtless guy in red-white-and-blue boxing trunks. I thought at first it was just some random fat guy. Somebody just told me it’s the body of Butterbean, the fighter, with the face of Carl Kochan, our conditioning coach. It’s pretty funny. Cainer must have had them made this morning. I think it’s a reminder that we have to loosen up and have fun and stay united. We’re a team that has always had a good time together and we have to keep doing that.

In baseball, you go through streaks when the luck is with you or the luck is against you. Last year in the postseason everything broke our way. For the last couple weeks, nothing is. Everything seems hard right now. It’s weird. It’s really weird. I’ve never been on a team when so many guys are going bad at the same time.

We’ve also run into some good pitching. In the Cincinnati series, I saw only one or two pitches the whole series that I felt I should have done something with and didn’t. Give the other teams credit. They’re pitching well and playing good defense.

We all know we’re still in the race, and there’s still half of the season left to play. I don’t think we’ve been really down actually as far as our attitude. The good thing about this team is we stay together. We arrive at the park with same attitude. We’re still pounding each other’s backs and taking care of each other like brothers. We tell each other we’re going to get through this, that we’re winners and we’re going to be OK.

Personally I don’t keep track of my numbers. My family from home will call and say, “You’re oh-for-whatever.’’ I don’t care. Don’t tell me that. Just talk to me about winning. That’s all that matters. Did we win?

I know better now than to over-react and start changing things when I go through a bad streak. You have to stay with what’s been successful for you most of the season. I’ve said this before, but I’ve learned a lot from watching Marco and Buster. They know what they can do. They don’t panic. They really believe in themselves and know that things will turn around. I’ve been having good at-bats and hitting the ball hard. The balls will start dropping.

In the meantime, it is so great to be home. I love having my son at the park before the games. He came on the field with me before batting practice. He likes to throw the ball – and he lifts his front leg already like he’s seen all our pitchers do.

We’re ready for the Dodgers. This the game that will start turning things around. We believe that every single game.


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Hey Gregor! I just “discovered” this blog, haha. I love it! I know this year has been rough– but that’s life, man. You guys are a team of such great players and good guys. I remember thinking in 2011 that I was really proud of the team. I could see we weren’t going to make it to the playoffs, but I just appreciated how everyone kept doing their best and working as a team. No matter what, it’s always fun to listen to or watch games– thanks for being here in the Bay! : )

i am a fan of Giants, who is from Taiwan. I really enjoy watching you guys playing basebell games. During these hard days, you guys just sometimes lack of some luck, I think.But, as said, things will change and will turn around.Continue fighting!
Your diving catch did impress me. I deeply believe Giants will make it!


I was at the double header last night with my son wearing your hats and shirt! I noticed you seemed down on yourself. Please think back …Believe in yourself and what has worked to get you where you are! I believe in you!

Thank you for your thoughtful entries…they help me very much, especially when I am having a tough week. I read every one more than once…otra ve, muchísimas gracias y sigue !!!!!!!

Gregor! once again thanks for continuing this blog even through tough times. We all get frustrated but I wanted to talk about something you did on Tuesday that gave me hope and the sure knowledge that even though with losses mounting and nothing falling your way that you guys are out there fighting every day. It was in the 8th inning on Tuesday after Jake had unfortunately gave up the Grand Slam to Byrd. You were up with 2 outs and nobody on and you hit the ball in the infield and just ripped up the line and dove into first base narrowly beating the throw. I saw so much effort and passion in that play. You wanted so much to get on base to start anything good for the team. Nothing came of it but it made me happy and it confirmed what I suspected already. You guys always fight and never give up even when results for your efforts have been sparse on the ground lately. Thank you for that. Congrats on the great game tonight. MadBum dealt and you were on fire! Yeah!!!

i found the sf giants fan mail address, but it seems pretty generic. does the mail really get to the individual players? do you read through all of your fan mail? i am just curious because i wanted to send you one which explains what your team has done for me and my family and i really want you to be able to read it.

You’re a great player. I enjoy your thoughtful column. Thanks.

I’ve really enjoyed reading this blog. It gives me some insight to the team that you don’t get from stats. It’s been tough watching the team struggle, but I admire how the guys are sticking together. Last night’s game didn’t end as I’d hoped, but it was gratifying to see Tim have a good outing. You guys have the right idea. Stick together as a team. It will all gel. Hang in there!

Keep the faith, Gregor! You are an amazing player, along with every other member of the team! Your fans love you, and you guys will get over this slump. The second half of this season will be awesome! I pray for you guys every night. Your fans have faith in you. Believe…

I agree with Janet and Shirley. There is still a second half of baseball and the NL West race is so close. Thanks for posting, and sharing a picture of you and your little boy – a future Giant!

You got it right Gregor, You guys think and play as A Team. That is why we faithful fans will support you guys thru the bad and very soon coming GOOD times. Let’s Play Ball!

That’s really cool. I just saw Crawford’s blog post and he basically stated the exact same thing you did. I’m glad you guys are able to keep your spirits high even when you get in a rut; that’s the most important thing. Also, just taking a break once in a while, too. Regardless of what I think, too much baseball CAN be a bad thing haha. A lot of guys are having ruts, I’m glad you’re not keeping track of your batting percentage. Either you should make a blog post everyday or Cain should keep making t-shirts, because something worked today that allowed you guys to win. Thanks for the blog post, they’re fun to read. Keep Calm and Giant On!

It’s good to know that you are still holding together as a team. Matt is a great guy and good for him that he is trying to bring you all together during this rough time. I think you have the right attitude. Tomorrow’s another day and another opportunity. I hope you can get a little needed rest during the all-star break even though I’ll miss seeing Giants out there on the field. Some time off seems needed and well deserved after last year’s long season. Thanks for taking time to post.

You sure showed that you were ready for the Dodgers today! Awesome outing today, Gregor! Hoping this game was a fresh start and things will go your way now. Glad to hear you guys aren’t getting down on yourselves. We’re all still behind you and know you can come through this. GO GIANTS!!

Please ignore all the negative comments. The only comments that matter are from the fans who believe in you and your place among the Giants. No fan wants to see you lose but we don’t want to see you give up either. The AUTHENTIC Giants fans are those who will always be there for you, cheering you on through the good times and the hard times. Today, we watched you beat the Dodgers! The Giants who won today remind me of the Giants who won two World Series Championships. And you know what?!? You’re going to keep winning more games because your mojo is coming back. BELIEVE IT.

Go get em!!!! Rooting for you, Blanco!

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