Frustration, Embarrassment and Hope

We’re as frustrated and stumped as you are. We’re about to pack up our stuff and go back out on the road, which is supposed to be the hard part of the schedule. We made it rougher on ourselves during this home stand than anything we could face on the road.

I feel embarrassed – I think we’re all embarrassed – at what we did to Tim Lincecum today. He pitched phenomenally and got two of our five hits. And we didn’t support him. We couldn’t drive in runs. That shouldn’t happen, not with the players we have on this team. I told him, “You pitched great. You did everything you could. I’m sorry we couldn’t get the win for you.’’

I had a chance with two outs in the bottom of ninth, coming in off the bench as a pinch-hitter. I was looking fastball, and I got three. I got good swings on two of them but just couldn’t capitalize. I didn’t come through.

Everyone keeps asking, “What’s the difference in this team between last year and this year?’’ I think part of it is about having fun. I know it’s easier to have fun when you’re winning, but you always have to have fun to play well. Having fun keeps you loose. It keeps you from over-thinking everything you do and trying to force things to happen. You have to let the game come to you, a little like a wave in the ocean. You read the wave and you ride it. You fight the wave – try to manipulate it, control it, redirect it – and you’re going under.

I’m going to talk to Marco and Pablo and Buster about maybe organizing a dinner or some kind of team thing where we just have fun together. Why not? We need to make jokes about last year and this year, about the struggles and the good things we’ve done. I think we have to remind ourselves that, even though we’re Major Leaguers, this is a fun game. We need to just relax and do what we know how to do.

The good thing is we have stayed together as a team. Nobody points fingers. We pat each other’s backs, and the coaches’ too. But I see people battling themselves. I see it in myself. That’s one of the toughest things – to keep yourself from thinking all the time about what you did wrong. We always have to remember we’re human beings. Things are going to happen. You’re going to have tough times. It helps to go home to our families and play with our kids and try to keep things in perspective.

We still have two months and we have a great team and we still believe in ourselves. None of us have ever seen a stretch like this in our lives. Let’s hope it’s over and we never see anything like it again.


This could be dangerous- just discovered your blog; I really like how and what you write. Don’t be too hard on yourselves- I know it’s your ‘job’ but it is also a GAME and games aren’t meant to be taken too seriously, other than what they teach you and from what I’ve read, you’re learning a lot.
I think the idea of a night out once in a while is a great idea; time away from ‘work’ can give you a chance to relax and build slightly different bonds than the ones you already have.
I’ve always liked the Giants (less so during the Bond years). I LOVE this team and how such incredibly different characters have come together to create a unique team.

I’m with you guys all the way. Been a fan for over 50 years and not going to stop now. Keep your heads up and just play the game hard. That’s all we can ask as FANS! GO GIANTS!

Gregor, you keep keeping on. We are in the Giants corner. Just relax and have fun. You guys are great and it will come together. It has been a tough run but we have faith in you guys. :)

Your fans are with you 100%. Thank you Gregor for the words of wisdom you are so willing to share with us. I understand how difficult it has been for this team of first rate baseball players this season and I love and respect all of my Giants and attend games as well as watch you on TV. We’re all winners when we stand by each other and believe in our team.


Blanco, I applaud you for your honesty! What I’ve said for months is that the Giants were winning big when they were actually having fun playing and nothing stood in their way!!! Last year when Hunter was uplifting the team with his pre-game talks took this team to a higher place! And now he is struggling like the rest of the team.

Go back to the place you were at last year and have fun playing the game. Were all here for you!!!


As a fan, it is hard to reply to a post without being rude. Like that commercial for the Forty Niners, I would love to be that fan in the locker room and give all you guys a good “talking to”. It seems like our hitting was better when our pitching wasn’t doing so great but when the pitchers do give you guys a great outing, the hitting is missing. As a fan it is sooo frustrating. What’s also frustrating is some of the coaching calls, like during the last game Timmy pitched, Both times Timmy got on base, Torres came up hacking away instead of trying to bunt Timmy over, basics guys. It’s all fundamental playing. I’d rather take a run an inning than everyone coming up and aiming for the fence. It is nice that as a hitter you realize what Timmy must have been feeling. I could rattle on about this and that player but until management makes a change, it won’t matter. Good luck and I hope you guys get back on track because I do not want to go back to the old days where we sat in the cellar all the time. I got a taste of the good life and I have been spoiled by our two Championships and I don’t want to let that feeling go.

A team outing is a great idea! I think that it’ll be the start to you guys enjoying the game again.
Please don’t be too hard on yourself… it’ll get better. You’ll start playing better and things will look up. We are all behind you and cheering for you back home. Just keep focused on playing baseball and enjoying baseball. You can have fun and fail. It’s okay. Just be sure to, learn and look forward. Just as we look forward to you guys coming back home.
Go Giants!

It’s okay Gregor
Wish you good luck on the playoffs!!!

Thanks for blogging. Perspective is so important. Yes it’s tough to lose and grind away without winning, but success in the big picture of life isn’t wins. It’s family and friends and team. Picking each other up isn’t really getting a hit, it’s caring about the other guy enough to want to. And in that way, the 2013 Giants are as much a success as any team. Which is why we as fans are always proud of you. Together we are Giant!

Tudo de bom para vocês!! :)

We the fans realize that this is just a major curve in your destination Gregor, around the corner is a straight stretch to the team we know you are. Whatever the adjustments that need to be made we will stand behind you guys. Thank you for taking the time to write your blog, now go find that fun bus and take it for a ride! We believe in our SF GIANTS

Hey together we are Giants, right? Thanks to make me feel that the team cares and that you are trying to do something to get better… Remember you can’t expect different results if you keep doing the same things, you have to do things differently :)

Gregor, Thank you so much for your candor and willingness to express yourself to the fans. You know we are all frustrated, but our feelings must pale in comparison to the players. I think you have a good idea about finding a fun diversion with the team. (Does the White House count? LOL). Being able to relax and have fun together is often the first step on the road back.
In any event, the true SF fans will continue to root, cheer, support, and gnash teeth alongside you guys. Hang in there!!!

Gregor…I agree! Just go out and have fun….the Giants have NOTHING to prove. You won it all last year….just relax and have fun. Keep the humor flowing in the clubhouse. (Somebody needs to buy a thong! Where is Aubrey Huff when you need him!). Have some fun playing the spoiler and giving the contenders a rough time. Believe me on this point…..Giant fans will love you to death if you can give the Dodgers a rough time. If the Giants can’t win it, the next best thing is to see the Dodgers blow it. And you can have some fun making the other contenders sweat a bit too. So don’t worry, don’t press, just enjoy the game as much as you can, on and off the field.

Look. As a bay area native, I like both the Giants and the A’s. In recent years, I’ve gravitated towards the Athletics. though I still like the giants. What I’ve learned from wathing 100 A’s games a season is that anything can happen. Remember that. The A’s were only three fewer games back than you guys last year, and they managed to win. If a bunch of scrappy youngsters can do that, you can, too.

I love this entry, thank you Gregor for sharing it. I hope you do all get together and have a dinner or something — we all like to see you guys happy too! Love you guys!!! — zeldaA

Gregor, you have the right idea! Tell yourself constantly “I am doing what I love, I love this Game, it is so much fun, how could I possibly be more lucky?” and play with a smile in your heart, taking in each precious moment on the field, and do what comes naturally! Whenever you feel yourself tightening up, just take a moment to look down at the grass, then up at the sky, take a deep breath of fresh air, sigh and play with joy!

Yes, Gregor, thanks for keeping up with the blog. It’s nice to get a view inside your head, as a player and see the other perspective. I hope you guys know that the true fans…We are with you ALL THE WAY!! Win or lose!! Chin up, and get out there and HAVE SOME FUN!!!

Gregor! once again thank you for keeping us with this blog. It is easy to when things are going well and much harder when times are though. It is very much appreciated. I admire you guys for the way you are still fighting and still trying to get through these inexplicable and hard times. I like that you felt that you needed to apologize to Timmy. It shows the care that you have for each other. Glad to know that you guys are still a team together. That makes me happy and I admire you more for it. I think want you say is right. You just need to relax and remember to have fun. Obviously harder done than said. But you guys are amazingly resilient and if anybody could pull out a successful season it would be you guys. I have a tattoo to honor the 2012 championship (yes! My husband thinks it is nuts so you are allowed to think it as well is you so choose! :-) ) But I used a line from Shakespeare “We few, we happy few; we band of brothers” that is you guys. through happiness and adversity a band of brothers. Try not to be so hard on yourselves and let your abundant talents flow as they did last year. It is all there untapped and waiting to flow. Let it.

Very good post, Gregor, and wise words for the team and the fans alike but at work and in life. Good luck on the road trip!

I guess I’m glad you feel the same. I love this team and these guys but unfortunately it is just not enough this year. I hope your on the team next year Gregor. Your a class act and Giant’s fans will never forget what you did last year in the Post-season especially roaming LF.

Hang in there. If you do your best, we fans will be happy. (But that dinner for the team does sound like a good idea!)

Go get em Shark. Ask Willie about all of the disappointments after 1954, especially the one in the 7th game of the World Series in 1962 when Stretch hit what looked to be the walk off game winner only to have Bobby Richardson catch his bullet line drive headed for the gap in right.

Gregor you are the man! I love to see you play with determination and having fun! The Giants are a team with great chemistry, similar to your home team the Tiburones of La Guaira, which seems like they are always having fun too!
We hear that you are a legend in Venezuela! I hope you get a chance in the off-season to go play with the Tiburones and bring your joy back to the Giants!
Never forget your heritage or your home fans! Who will always be loyal to you, as the Giants fans are!
You play for the two teams with the best fans in all of baseball! Appreciate it!
Go Giants! Go Sharks!
(Tell us more about your experience playing with the Tiburones)

Gregor you are the man! I love to see you play and have fun. The Giants always make it look like that they are having a good time, similar to your home team Los Tiburones de La Guaira. The Tiburones always have great chemistry and have fun! I hope you go in the off season to Venezuela to have fun with them as well, and bring your joy back to the giants! And perhaps get another MVP there (and here)!!
We hear you are a legend in Venezuela, never forget your heritage or your home fans! They will always be loyal to you, as the Giants fans are!
You play for the two teams with the best fans in all of baseball! Appreciate it!
Go Giants! Go Sharks!!
(Tell us more about your experience of playing baseball with the Tiburones)

I’m flying to San Francisco from San Angelo, Texas on Sept 24 to watch y’all play 2 games against the Dodgers and 1 against the Padres, and I CAN’T WAIT! Keep playing hard and things will turn around. I like the “fun team thing” idea.

Yes, I can understand embarrassment, but you guys sure have brought back the art of slumping. For years I have seen individual players slump, but I have never seen a whole team slump together and yet in the flick of a second, literally destroy great teams. As a fan, I would like to see this team finish this year respectively and lets all build some momentum for next year. Thank you and all your fellow Giants, for the last 4 years. It has been a gift from the baseball gods….


Very well put. It’s been tough for us fans too, especially after the past few years of success, but I know you guys are going to pull out of it and start playing good ball again.

We love you and all of your teammates, your right, it is a fun game and winning is fun! When you lose you always try to “fix” it or analyze it to see what went wrong. Truth is sometimes, things just go bad. You guys are champions, and professionals, and you have the best team, best coaches, and best fans! You can and will do better. But, we will love you through the good times and bad. (even though we may scream at you through the TV…lol)

Yes! It shows you all aren’t having as fun this year – we don’t see you all goofing around in the dugout, silly antics, etc. when Pablo organized the sock day where the team all wore socks over your pants, was really the only time I’ve seen the goofy team vibe all season. Lets get it back! Maybe organize a random team tweet up where you all dress up as your nicknames? We all still are big fans, no matter what the scoreboard says & we just want you to remember that ‘together we’re giant’ & we’re here for you!
I noticed the selfless team vibe gone the most the game where tanaka premiered. The cameras were following him after his epic play in the dugout & after the high fives, poor guy was all bewildered & didn’t know where to sit & everyone just looked away ackwardly. I feel like no one would have done that last year… Everyone would have rallied him over to take a seat next to him. It was a big ‘aha moment’ for me, makig me realize what is up this year. the giants never got anywhere by being solo or not inclusive before. If you can get out of your heads & remember the motto – together we’re giant! The. Together we can get out if this funk. We can do it!!!!

We are # 1 weather were first place or last !!

Chin up!! U guys were in 6th place last year in aug. theres still time to turn it around !!! Believe!!

We still love you guys, Gregor. Relax and enjoy the rest of the season, we’ll be watching.

I agree, be yourself and have fun (good advice for almost everything). I’m happy to hear that the team has not given up. Win or lose, cellar or WS champs, I will always support the Giants because of players like you, positive & encouraging & hardworking. Giants for life !!!

We stand by our Giants through the good times and the bad! I would really like to see our guys stride up the plate without any hang-dog faces and, like you said, try to remember to have fun. Hang in there!

Awesome post Gregor. You should be having fun and getting back that might just be just the right medicine. I still love my boys of summer and always will. You gave us the thrill of a lifetime with 2 rings in 3 years. My Dad always taught me that your team is your team..good, bad or ugly. I have been a fan for over 50 years…since the day I was born. Keep plugging away…and organize that team event…it might just work.

You’re right, you are only human. Don’t beat yourselves up. You have the support and love of your team members, families and you’re fans. Have some fun, laugh, have a good time together. Release all of the tension you’ve built up. We have your backs, we always do. Continue to support and incourage each other. Prayer goes a long way. CR

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