Back to School, Part 3

Back to School Edition, Part Three


It’s my turn to answer the same three questions Crawford and Belt did in their blogs this week.

What’s the best advice you ever got? It’s from my mom. She always had great advice, but the one I remember most was: Always try to be a role model for everybody and do the best in everything you do. I think I was about 12 when she said this. She always was teaching us to be a good person and behave in a way that will make people look up to you. She worked for Visa and didn’t have any real education in finances. She started as a secretary and worked her way really high up. The way she did it was always trying to be better and doing everything right. She was a great role model and I learned a lot just from watching her.

What do you wish you knew back in high school that you know now?

That life is not as easy as it seems at that age. When you’re 15, you think you’re going to do this or that. When you grow up, you realize it’s not that easy. You realize when you’re a grown man thatyou don’t have the same kind of support you did as a kid. Nobody’s going to do the work for you or make anything happen for you. You have to count on yourself. And you have be prepared that things are not going to go as you imagined they would. I went through a lot in my career, and maybe I struggled so much I wasn’t prepared. All of a sudden I found myself in a hole and had no ideawhat to do. So I think it’s good to appreciate the good times when you’re young but understand it’s not always going to be like that.

If you had never become a pro baseball player, how do you think playing sports as a kid would have helped you in life anyway?

One thing I learned through baseball was how to socialize with people. I’ve always been shy and quiet but since I started playing baseball I became more open. I learned how to be myself around people. That’s one of the most important things that baseball taught me. Baseball also helped me to stay focused on goals. I know guys I grew up with who are dead, who went another way. The way my country is, if you don’t have much money there are a lot of bad ways you can go. My family and baseball kept me on a good path.

Sports also taught me how to deal with failing.When I was 13, I was supposed to make the national team for the first time, but they picked someone else – a guy who had been on the national team for a few years. I was better, but for political reasons he got on the team instead. My twin brother also made the team. I was really crushed and frustrated. I was crying. But then I decided, OK, you have to work harder. So at the age of 13, I started going to the field by myself. It was three miles from my house, and even if it was nighttime I’d run, ride a bike or go on my roller blades. People would say to me, “You’re only 13! You’re crazy!’’ I would slide into bases by myself. I’d throw the ball as far and hard as I could by myself. I’d hit against the backstop by myself. I got better. Two years later, I was ready to be a pro player. So that failure at 13 motivated me to work so hard that I was able to sign a pro contract as soon as I turned 16.

​Feel free to send in your own questions and I’ll share them with Belt and Crawford. I think it’s fun to see how different guys look at things. 

Gregor Blanco


Gregor we saw the news that you chose not to play for the Tiburones this year in Venezuela. Good luck with your strength conditioning this winter. Could you tell us more about your experience playing with the Tiburones for the past eleven years in Venezuela? We hear you are a hero for them, and for us too!

Thanks for sharing, I love this whole series! This was a nice format, having the three of you answer the same questions, hope to see more of these. The blogs really humanizes the players for us fans, I greatly appreciate this window into the players’ life.

Mi pana disculpa que te escriba por aqui y en español…es que me meti en tu blog de español y vi que no lo actualizas desde Julio. De pana te escribo porque en facebook en la paginas de tiburones de la guaira hay mucha tristeza, otros de aceptación y otros que no les gusto el que no venga a jugar esta temporada…Pero bueno por mi parte de pana y de corazon te felicito y espero puedas lograr eso que tanto anhelas de ser titular 100%, que yo se que lo vas alcanzar…

Una sugerencia mi pana…se que eres burda de humide…pero te pedimos que no trates de ser igual a nadie como lo comentaste…trata de ser tu mismo pana…ese tiburon blanco que eres, de nosotros los venezolanos y de los fanaticos de los tiburones…ese gregor que sabe jugar su beisbol, el que sabe aguantar presion, ese gregor que sabes cuando lanzarse o no, ese es el gregor que nosotros los venezolanos queremos ……hay muchos peloteros de alla el norte que quieren parecerse a ti…porque no mejor decir que no te vas a parecer a nadie sino que quieres dejar un legado en MLB donde todos los center filds se quieran parecer a ti???…y cuando lo digan digan me quiero parecer al tiburon blanco…o tambien en gringo The White Shark…..Bueno mi pana como lo escribi en la pagina de los tiburones…si quieres me buscas como Edgard Nieto y aunque sea un saludito me gustaria para mis hijos Edward (7 años) y Sebastian (2 Años) este ultimo aparece en la foto que publique en los tiburones en facebook. Y pana suerte …sigue trabajando duro que se que seras el mejor…..y que dios te de mucha vida y salud a ti y a tu familia mi pana…

Aqui la gente ya esta hablando mucha paj…pero como les escribi que tu te mereces una aportunidad, ya que nos diste muchas alegrias tambien te mereces nuestro apoyo incondicional alla….eso si cuando vuelvas vuelve con los tiburones mi pana…Jjajajaja …

Saludos mi pana …y esperamos verte aqui en algun jueguito aunque sea ayudando y asesorando al center field que tengamos…ya que tu experiencia vale mucho….

Thanks for sharing! I have a general team question… with the year the team is having versus the year the team had last year, it appears everyone still supports one another. When I watch the games and notice the guys in the dugout , I never see anyone give anyone else a bad time when errors are made (recently when the Giants played the Nationals, Gio Gonazalez got angry with Jayson Werth in the dugout, and it took all their team could to keep them apart). When the trading deadline came and went, it appears no one wanted to be traded. Is this still the mentality – supporting one another?

Thanks for sharing. Even though it’s more than a month ago now, can you guys share what you guys did during the All Star break? Thanks again!

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I love your attitude!

Thank you for posting. I have been following the Brandon fellas’ posts all season and did not know that you were posting as well. I am a big fan of yours too. You are are such a weapon in the field. I am always reminding people in social media of that marvelous catch that you made in the Cain perfect game. I have been saying a lot lately that you should play a lot of center next season so Angel and gradually work back up to full strength. Have a good rest of the season and I will be rooting for you. Thanks again for posting. Go Giants!!

What would be the definfing moment that being in the majors was real and you are really living it?

My friend and I were just talking about what a great guy you seem to be. It shows in how you carry yourself, how you talk to and about others, and how you always seem to approach situations with a positive mindset.

This question is more for you, personally — because baseball had such a positive influence in your life, do you have any plans to coach or hold clinics for kids back home in the off season?

Gregor, I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts all year…you are a stand up guy and I wish you continued success in baseball and life!
Signed, a life long Giants Fan.🙂

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