My Question For Bonds

The big news in camp today, as you know, was Barry Bonds showing up to coach for a week. I think it’s great. I didn’t talk to him today other than to say hey. I know he’s open to anyone asking him about hitting. Not every one will do it, but I’m going to.

I want to ask him what his mentality was at the plate. That’s the most important thing about hitting at this level. I want to know what he was thinking every single time. He was like a super human playing baseball. He had incredible focus. I just want to know what he was thinking.

I didn’t hear a lot of advice today. I think he was mostly trying to get to know everybody and putting us at ease. He was kind of joking at the batting cage, teasing guys about how hard they were hitting the ball. I think it’s great that he’s here to help us.

It’s kind of a baseball tradition to pass what you know down to the next guy. I had a chance to do that today with one of our minor-leaguers. I was playing in the intra-squad game yesterday against our young guys. Andrew Susac, a second-round pick in 2011, was catching for them. I was on first base and noticed I could see his signs to the pitcher.

Obviously, that’s not a good thing. If the base runner can see the signs, he knows when the pitcher’s throwing over to first, throwing to home, throwing a breaking ball. If he had called a breaking ball, I could have stolen a base pretty easily.

So today in the dugout, I saw Susac with bullpen catcher Billy Hayes. I told him what I saw from first base and said he needed to close up his legs a little. He was really appreciative. I told him it was no big deal — that’s how you learn.

​I really liked playing in that game and getting to see more of the young guys. When I got to second base, I chatted with last year’s Number One pick, Christian Arroyo, asking how he was doing and joking with him. I told him I had bad hamstrings and I was really tired and getting old and that he didn’t need to worry about me on the base paths. He was just laughing.

​I also talked to Chris Lofton, an outfielder for Single A San Jose last year. I told him I remembered when I was in his shoes. I said, “Every time you’re here you have to show 100 percent of yourself. You have to use all your tools. You’re a speedy guy. You’ve got to run, you’ve got to bunt, you’ve got to show them that you’re hungry.’’ I told him it’s such an exciting time in his life and he should enjoy it.

I’m heading home from the park now. I think I might go to the movies. I love going out to the movies. I love it. Whenever I have time, I try to go. I might go see RoboCop today. My wife will probably go, even though she always falls asleep. We took our son one time to watch a kids’ movie, but we had to get out of there not long after we sat down. He kept saying, “Vamos! Let’s go!’’ He’s three and can’t yet sit through a movie. So we won’t be doing that again any time soon.

​We’re waiting for the water park here to open, supposedly March 15. That’s more his thing. There’s a pool at the apartment we’re renting but the water’s still too cold. I check it every day. Maybe in a few days. In the meantime, I’ll take my son sometimes onto the practice field beyond the stadium’s right-field wall. He runs and we play catch. He loves baseball already. When he comes to watch batting practice, he gives his mother a hard time when it’s time to go home. She practically has to drag him to the car.

​One of the great things about having a three-year-old is that if he had to choose between me and Barry Bonds as the better player, he’s choosing me every time. How much longer do I have of that? Believe me, I’m appreciating it while it lasts.

​Thanks for reading.


Awesome. My 3-year-old would pick you too – he’s never heard of Barry Bonds.

Gregor, I am a big fan of yours – You are fun to watch because you never let up – you seem to enjoy the game of baseball. I am a season ticket holder so I get to 50 or so games per year – it always makes me smile when I see you are in the line-up. Just found your blog, and I will watch for it. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life and your feelings. Three year old boys are the best! Enjoy him, because before you can blink an eye he will be graduating hight school!

You should go to the movies with B. Belt- he’s a big movie fan!

I think I was about 5 years old before I was able to sit through a movie — if I remember my first full-length film in a movie theater was Mary Poppins. (Yeah, I’m old.) But that was the era of drive in theaters and my parents would load all us kids in the station wagon and head off to the drive in for the night; I’d usually fall asleep in the back halfway through. Love how open you and the Brandons are about your “real” life. Glad you’re safe in Miami; I hear about everything that happens in Venezuela and worry. Looking forward to the season.

I have a three year old too and we’re big Cubs fans and everything to him is Starlin Castro(three year olds are funny) He’ll find new heroes, but I’m still #1

Gregor, I am no Barry Bonds and have no skills myself, but I immensely admire your defensive skills. I did not notice one thing that is different between your defense and offense – your eyes on the ball. Granted that the velocity of the ball is vastly different – however if you can keep your eyes on the ball on offense to you will be a hall of famer.

Sorry Gregor – it should read I DID notice…

Hi Gregor,
Thanks for blogging again. I love it whenever I check your website and there is a new post! It seriously makes my day! Anyway, I had a question for you. I was reading your Wikipedia and noticed that you were born with the last name Pedraza. Is Blanco your mother’s maiden name? Does that mean you decided to go with your mother’s maiden name? Just curious bc I have been wanting to write a piece about what I feel about women changing their name upon marriage vs women keeping their maiden names vs hyphenating their names, as well as what name the children take if mother and father’s last names are different. I find it very interesting when someone famous decides to carry on his mother’s last name. If that is the case with you, I would like to know how you chose that. Thanks in advance for your time. Go Gigantes!!!

giving all the advise to those minor leagures shows you have a good heart god bless you and your family enjoy your beautiful son I remember when my son was three he is 23 now and still a great young man he is my air my life, sounds like your son is the same to you I love the way you play the game I will pray you have a great year so the Giants can sign you to a multi-year contract go Giants.

Gregor I’ve been a fan of yours since I saw you play for the Giants in your first spring training. You really tore it up, I think you lead all of baseball in stolen baseball and batting average that spring and then I had to watch you sit on the bench for over a month before you got a chance to play…..I couldn’t figure that one out….keep up the great work!

LOVE the blog! Please don’t ever stop – it’s just so much fun to read!

Thank you Blanco for taking the time to write the blog. It’s always fun to read them! I hope you have a great season!

Thanks for writing! We love to read your personal perspectives. Today you & Belt each wrote about a wife falling asleep at the movies – haha!

I like your blogs tiburon blanco. Always keep it real. I hope you have a great year. Suerte.

Thank you for the blog! I enjoy reading it, and just hearing about a baseball player’s view of playing ball. You show that even being a major league player there is always room to learn more about the game or share what you know with others. Keep the blogs coming!

Thank you for the blog post!! I love hearing about what you guys do in spring training! Your family is so cute🙂. Maybe you should get a babysitter for the whole day before you go to a movie, so your wife has the energy to stay awake! Those 3-year-olds can be a handful! Thanks again Gregor, & keep enjoying your Spring ☀ -z

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