An Awesome Almost

I’m enjoying our day off but wanted to do a quick post today about my almost-inside-the-park-home-run. It’s an example of how, even if you fall short, you can be thrilled about and grateful for the attempt. I’m still thinking about how close I came! It’s a dream of mine to accomplish that, like Angel did last year.

To tell you the truth, I was actually thinking about a home run when I went up to bat yesterday. I hadn’t had a hit yet this season, so I was thinking, “Why not hit a home run for your first hit of the season? Why not an inside-the-park home run?’’

As soon as I hit it into the gap, I was thinking about going all the way. When I reached second base and saw the ball rattling around in the gap, I thought, “This could happen!’’ And Flan was waving me home.

But when I rounded third, my legs just didn’t go as fast I needed them to go. When you’re coming off the bench, as I was, your legs aren’t as loose as they are when you’re in the whole game. It’s so much tougher to sustain your speed around all the bases.

The catcher already had the ball as I barreled to home. I thought, “OK, just do your best to get around the tag.’’ I dove, and he did a great job of going after me. I completely scratched up my right arm and my chest and abdomen.

I high-fived Flan afterward and thanked him for sending me. It was just awesome — especially for my first hit of the season.

Then Crawford saved all of us with his huge home run in the 10th. As soon as he hit it, everybody knew it was gone.

This team has that special feeling you get sometimes. It’s like you never know who’s going to come through, or how they’re going to do it.

The excitement and energy from yesterday’s game is exactly what we want going in against the Dodgers tomorrow. Hope to see you out there!


That was the most awesome ALMOST I ever saw!

That was awesome G man, you were so close!

Just sat in the best seats I have ever sat in at AT&T…enjoyed your smile throughout the game! Great job tonight!

Mr. Blanco, thank you for all you do for the team, and for your articulate and insightful postings, as well as your golden-glove performance. I always enjoy reading your blog – as much as I love hearing the play by play when you are on the field. You bring a gentlemen-like flair to both. I have a question for you as Easter comes to a close: How do you celebrate holy days when you have to play ball? I understand it’s a touchy and personal subject that you might not want to address, but as the Faith is important to many, I thought I would venture to ask.

Heres to hoping you hit one (or more!) this season!🙂 Love watching you play gregor!

Right now I’m watching the SD game! So glad yur playin! I like seeing you in left field…nothing gets past you!!! Keep up the good work,Gregor!

Glad you Beat LA!

That was really exciting….so glad you went for it! you come through for the Giants so much….your hustle, your game SAVING catches… are just awesome. i love when you are out on the field!

It was so much fun watching you on that run …. I was standing up, jumping around, cheering you on – in my living room! So … the in-the-park-HR didn’t happen … but it sure was exciting! Next time Gregor!🙂

You’re the best Gregor!!! I love watching you play….such a go getter!!! I was so excited about your hit and was so wishing you’d be safe!!!! Maybe another time!!!! Keep up the work! Good luck tonight!

it was really exciting and nice swing too im expecting a home run from you today! see you out there! #TogetherWeAreGiants!

When you rounded third I thought you looked like you were either running out of gas or your legs were tightening up. That has to be the most exciting play in baseball. I bet it makes you want to really stay loose before a pinch hit call. Even though you got thrown out in the long run I believe it was a positive for you and the team.

I love that you are always so positive in your blogs, it’s so refreshing! It certainly was exciting to watch and am confident you’ll get that inside the park homerun with an attitude like that.
Go Giants!!!

Great hit! Was very exciting. BEAT LA!!!

One of these days your “Almost” will become a reality. What a fun ride for the fans as well. Yikes — we truly hope you didn’t get hurt.

Thank you for always being prepared and always playing hard with 110% effort. Always know the fans are cheering for you because of how important you are to this team.

#GoGiants #BeatLA #orangeandblack

Que Dios te bendiga grandemente.

I was calling your name in the bleachers telling you to come through for us and you almost did it. Good attempt. I knew they put you in for your defense cause you are golden glove when given the opportunity.

What an exciting play! And if anyone besides Angel can pull that off, you can. Just give it time! I’ll be at the game tomorrow. So looking forward to chanting “Beat LA!!” Hope you’ll be playing.

It was a great hit! and sometimes you just have to go for it which you and Flan did! Didn’t work this time but you never know until you try!! Thanks for continuing to Blog it is very much appreciated. Love knowing what you guys are thinking throughout the year!

Tiburon Blanco. It was an absolute thrill seeing you race around the bases, even though you didn’t score. One of these days you will get one, I’m just feeling you on that one. Even though you came off the bench, you still looked like The Roadrunner to me. The throws the Rockies made were perfect. They saw déjà vu because your hit was in the same area as Pagan’s inside-the-park, and they weren’t about to let it happen again. It’s even possible The Baseball Gods were with them on their throws! Keep up the great hustle. You made great contact with the ball too. Great sign that there’s more extra base hits in your bat coming soon!

You will have that inside the park home run Gregor! One of these days🙂

So exciting! Keep it up, Gregor!! Can’t wait to see it when it finally happens! Soon, my friend! Your time has come!

It was a blast to watch the effort you made. I was pullin for you all the way. Thanks for being such a great Giant.

Great run, and maybe you’ll get it next time!

Thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts, I was wondering if you would.

Thanks for sharing how tough it is to keep loose when you are on the bench. Too bad there aren’t some sort of muscle stimulators, or something like that, which you could use on your legs while sitting on the bench, to stay lose. I know that there are devices that uses a small electrical current to do something to the muscle, for medical purposes, you would think the inventors would have thought of one to keep your leg loosen…

Say, how is Ehire holding up? He’s not hitting like he normally can. Let him know that there are fans who believe in him, and that he’ll start hitting like we know he can! I look forward to him breaking out this season.

It was a Great effort and You gotta do what you gotta do! Just good to see you hitting it BIG!!
Now, can we get a little competition going with the Brandon’s Blog? Maybe invite Pagan, Pablo , Adrianza to pinch blog to get it rolling? So team Blanco!

Your race to earn an inside-the-park home run was one of Sunday’s most exciting moments! If only the seagulls could have flown you on their wings! Anyway, with you, I’m confident that there will be other opportunities to get your first home run and more! You are one of the reasons I look forward to watching a Giants game and I know it’s just a matter of time before you find your moments to shine. Keep believing in yourself, Gregor Blanco!

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That was so exciting! I was watching from home and jumped up as soon as I was hit! I knew once the Cuddier slipped and the ball didn’t bounce right to him you had a chance to make an inside the park HR. We were screaming and clapping and even though it didn’t happen it was the most exciting thing to watch. You will have an inside park HR soon… You’re due! Keep up the great work. We love to watch you fly around the bases and of course your amazing defensive dive catches in LF. This is gonna be a great season! Go Giants!!!🙂

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