My Two Families: Home and Clubhouse

I flew my wife and son to Los Angeles for the Dodgers series, though they usually don’t join me on the road. But I wanted us to be together for Mother’s Day. Even though I didn’t even have time to have breakfast with them Sunday morning — I had to pack for get-away day and get out to the park for the day game — it was important that we got up together as a family. I reminded my son to say Happy Mother’s Day, and I gave my wife a present. I wanted to make sure she had a good Mother’s Day.

I think, of course, about my own mother on Mother’s Day. She died eight years ago at the age of 47.  I know she wanted so much to see me play in the Major Leagues and she never did. But I know she’s here watching me now and she’s proud.

I was thinking about how my mother always told me to appreciate what I have and to be the best at everything I do, whether it’s playing baseball and being a good teammate or being a good husband and father. One of the toughest lessons to learn in baseball — maybe in anything, but I only know baseball — is to balance your life at the field and your life at home. It’s really easy to get so focused on baseball that you don’t make enough time for your family. Or even if you make enough time, you’re actually thinking about what happened at the park.

Or on the other side, you can be thinking so much about problems at home, that you’re not as focused as you need to be on the field. I know this from experience in my first marriage. So I really try to give 100 percent to baseball when I’m playing baseball, and 100 percent to my family when I’m with my family. If you keep that kind of balance, you’re going to be happy in both places.

What I learned from my father was to be appreciative of everything I have. I try to see what’s good in my life and not focus on what might be missing or not so good. I’m going through a slump and am working really hard to get through it. I’m realizing that, because I don’t play all the time, I’m trying too hard to make a big splash when I DO get in instead of being who I am: a kind of small guy who should hit grounders and get on base and steal. I’m not a slugger. So I’m telling myself, “Don’t forget who you are. Do the little things you did before and you’ll be fine.’’

In the meantime, I’m completely appreciative of having the opportunity to play for the Giants against this season, and I’m having a great time watching our guys win. The road trip was unbelievable. We seem to find a way to win games, and it always seems to be somebody different who comes through. Sometimes it’s been the bottom of the lineup. Sometimes the top.  Sometimes the bench guys. Hector’s been so good. Watching him and everyone inspires me to be better and get out the slump. I want to be part of it!

Thanks for reading. See you at the park! And a late Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!


Keep up the great work, Gregor! I love watching you play. Your good attitude makes you a fantastic example to your son, and other young ballplayers.

You are part of it!🙂

Gregor, It shows that you give your all!! My husband and I love to watch you play! Go Giants!! All our best to you and yours.

Hey Gregor, I’m so happy for you. You have been doing so well the last couple of days… I’m really glad you are going back to how you were before instead of trying to be someone else.. Good luck for the rest of the season.

“Blanco walked twice, singled, stole three bases and scored three runs. He’s the first Giant since Darren Lewis in 1991 to swipe three bags and score three times in a game, and just the fourth to do it in the franchise’s San Francisco era. It’s a feat that even Willie Mays never pulled off.” ~Mercury News
WAY TO GO Gregor!!!!!!🙂

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Your stealing efforts are paying off!! Such fun to watch.

My husband and I love to watch you play! You did such an awesome job last night – stealing three bases! Way to go!! We love watching you guys! GO GIANTS!! 🙂

Hi Spark Plug! You were incredible in the game last night (May 14)!!! All the post-game online articles and TV news were all about you and your 3 and 3! Congratulations! You brought so much excitement to the game. Sure hope Bochy puts you in more often because you light us up!

OMG!! What an awesome post!!! Such a great guy you are!!! Alot of good advice in there! Just want to say WAY TO GO LAST NIGHT (05/14)!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Just so much fun to watch! I love your attitude! Your hussle! I always am happy to see you in the field because I know that nothing will get past you!!! And when you are on the bases, the other team has their work cut out for them trying to keep you from stealing! Keep doin what you’re doing!!!! YOUR THE BEST,GREGOR!!!!

Great game Gregor! I have always admired how you play the game the right way and give one hundred percent. The Giants are lucky to have you.

What slump?!? Congratulations, Gregor Blanco! A lot of today’s excitement was generated by you and I hope you know by now how very much loved you are by Giants fans everywhere. Keep doing what you do best and we’ll be rooting for you every step, every walk, every steal, every run, every game!

Gregor! Really happy for you today! Such a wonderful game. I love the way you maintain your passion for the game even win you are not hitting your best stride. And you were so full of energy Just keep trying. Love you guys!

¡Viva El Tiburón Blanco! I hope you are savoring the memory of today! I’d love to hear Willie Mays comment on how you achieved something he never did (and we know you were kidding when you mentioned it). I have been your fan since before “the catch” that saved Cainer’s perfecto. You have talent, and more importantly, heart. I love to see you play left field (and now, maybe some more CF!). I also respect your insights into baseball. You are, among other things, a gifted writer. Next time I can get to the park I’m wearing my horrible/wonderful white foam “White Shark” hat…with the fin…and the number seven. Lucky siete!

Groger, you did a very tremendous performance on May 14, 2014 against Braves!! hope to see more games you play and I really enjoy!
Keep it going!

Love that you said you should “hit grounders and get on base and steal” and that’s exactly what you did today (+ draw the walks) — amazing game!!

Gregor. WOW! what a day!!! You clearly remembered who you are and what an amazing contribution! Congratulations on 3 steals & 3 scores! Wooohooo! Looking forward to your next post. go white shark!!

“Do the little things…” and indeed you did them well today – repeatedly! – It’s a lesson that I try to pass on to my children, too, not only when playing in front of 40,000 but when you are making your bed, doing your homework, doing a friend a favor. It must be tough to hit the ground running after not playing for a while, but you sure came up to speed today. Enjoy the evening off with your little boy and his mama.

you did awesome today …stay hot! believe in urself and everything will fall in place.
ive always enjoyed watching you play esp your defense

You’re a good man, Gregor. I love that my Giants are such amazing players who are also amazing people! Makes you all so easy to root for and love. What a fantastic game you had today! THREE steals?!?! You’re so much fun to watch and I hope the past two days have put your mind at ease. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to come off the bench so rarely and stay positive while struggling to get a rhythm going. Very happy to see you perform the way you are very capable of doing. We love you, White Shark!!🙂 Keep it up and GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!

hope the day was a good one for you and your family. Great game today ( wednesday – Braves ). I hope you will have more opportunities to play so you can show us just how good of a baseball player you are. So glad you are a Giant. Thanks.

Great game today Gregor! Your hard work is paying off, just keep it going!

My dad was 47 when he died suddenly — I was 11 — and my mom died 9 years ago this year so I’ve been there done that. Glad that you were able to have the family together for Mother’s Day. Good job today with the walks and stolen bases.

Gregor, we met you 3 yrs ago in San Diego at brunch with the senior vacation group. Loved hearing you speak and answer our questions. You are awesome and we love you. Love to watch you play. Thanks for Mom’s Day wish and the same to your wife. We are blessed to have you on the team. Together We Are GIANT! ❤

This is a great post and we appreciate that you take the time to write. I asked you at FanFest if you would be blogging and I was so excited when you replied, “Yes!” Continue to be the grounded person that you are and the fabulous ball player that we love! All of your fans are rooting for you!

Gregor, just know that you are loved by a multitude of your fans and most importantly, by your family. Your Mother is indeed proud of you.

That’s a really great thought.🙂 Good luck in the coming games!

Enjoy the game today, Gregor, and spark the team. Always enjoy your blog posts and am rooting for you to show ’em how it’s done today!

I see you as a key player on the Giants….YOU are the one who comes through so many times! Slump, shmump…’ll break out of it soon, quietly or with a big splash……doesn’t matter. You are an awesome defensive player….always!! Your heart is in the right place….with the team and with your family. And I feel you on missing your mom…..(mine died when I was 25)…’s so hard to not have them physically here to share the wonderful things. But she’s there with you in spirit….that’s for sure.

I’ve been wondering where your blog went. You are a great player, Gregor in baseball and life!

You strike me as one of the more “normal” players. Just a regular guy who wants to be good at his job and take care of his family. Glad to have your quiet influence in the clubhouse!

“Don’t forget who you are. Do the little things you did before and you’ll be fine.’’ Good words to live by, Gregor … all those little things add up to be big things! Enjoy all the moments – on the field and off!🙂

Thanks for putting some spark into the game last night with your double! You will always be one of my very favorite Giants, Gregor and I’m always happy to watch you play. I enjoy reading about your family and your thoughts about the game. Your mother and father raised you well and your wife and son (he’s adorable) are super lucky to have you. Looking forward to more blogs!

Your attitude is spot on! I can’t even imagine how difficult it could be to work out of a slump — I have watched so many hitters over the years (I am pretty old and remember the best of ’em) and every one of them have gone through slumps. Barry, Will Clark, and even both Willies have been there. All the fans watch and can see the player trying too hard! But, they all come around and go on to set records. You will too. Swing Easy……….

You are one of my favorites because of the 100% effort you give, and because of your absolutely great smile!

Keep it up, and keep that wife and little boy on the top of your list.

Gregor, I was out there this afternoon – (luckily I have seats in the shade) and I was so proud of you and your whole performance today — Wow! everyone was hitting on this hot day, but it is so important that your slump is nearly over. I know you were happy with your performance, and so was I. See, I told you that all the greats go into slumps periodically, but the really good ones battle thru it. And you are a good one. I was screaming my head off every time you came up. PS: how did you choose your walk up song. I have the recording from I tunes. Would love to hear why you chose it.


Your a good person Blanco. We can see how much you all really care about each other on the field. It shows at every game.

You got that double today!!! Keep it up!!! See you Saturday. I’ll be screaming from the bleachers!

I love reading your blog posts & watching you play. You seem to really have your priorities straight and are a wonderful son, husband, and father.

Gregor. Thanks for your blog, and on behalf of wives and mom’s everywhere – thank you for making mother’s day important for your family. Go Giants!

And a double for Blanco! See? It’ll come back! You just have to relax….and BELIEVE!!!! GO GIANTS!!!

Balance in life is such an important thing. So nice to hear that you had your family go to LA with you for Mother’s Day. I’m sure your wife really appreciated that. Hang in there, Gregor. Everyone goes through tough times, but I’m sure you’ll get that average up again soon. Looking forward to seeing more of you in left field. Take care.

That is great advice! I enjoy watching you play and am routing for you!

That is great advice f

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