Hard Work, Attitude & Decaf

The best thing for me about yesterday’s game against the Mets: We won, and I was one of the guys who got some high-fives in the dugout. Getting a hit or making a big play or driving guys in — it’s a big deal when you’re not an everyday player. It’s an even bigger deal on a team like we have. You could play your whole career and never be on a team like this. It’s not just about the winning. It’s the attitude.


Every day we have the attitude that we’re going to win, and we believe it could be anybody on the roster who makes that difference that day. And everybody has the same mentality. Everybody. I’m talking about everybody. Somebody’s going to step up and get the job done. Saturday it was Morse. Friday it was Posey. Yesterday when I came through with three RBIs, I can’t tell you how great that felt.


One of the things about this team is that nobody jumps on you for messing up, not even the coaches. If you screw up — like getting thrown out trying to stretch a double into a triple! Too much coffee in the morning! — the coaches don’t get on you. Or if you don’t get a guy in from third with less than two outs. The coaches prepare us and let us play. They know we’re going all out.


I had such a slow start to the season. I was hitting something like .100 in the middle of May. Now I’ve gone .400 in my last 20 games. I can just say hard work pays off. I knew sooner or later things were going to go well for me. I wasn’t frustrated because at some point I was going to start playing the way I know I can play. I just kept preparing myself for every situation because I want to be here for a long time. I don’t know if that will happen or not, but I feel really good here. I want to be the guy who can come off the bench, or play a few games or play a regular position.

In batting practice, I really focus on hitting only low line drives and ground balls. I’m getting better every time. In my last BP, I hit only one fly ball. That’s going to help me. It shows in the game.


I’m not sure yet if I’m in the lineup today. It doesn’t matter. I’m ready for whatever Bochy needs. And I’m thinking of switching to decaf.






Epale Gregor, la primera vez que te vi jugar fue con los Tiburones de la Guaira aqui en Caracas. A mi encanta verte jugar ahora con mi equipo favorito de la Grandes Ligas, los Gigantes de SF. Es demasiado fino poder verte jugar y ver la dedicación que tienes en el outfield. Nunca te das por vencido, que bueno! Sigue pa’ lante! Saludos de tu pais y espero que vengas para Venezuela a jugar en tus vacaciones!!

Epale Gregor, la primera vez que te vi jugar fue con los Tiburones de la Guaira aqui en Caracas. A mi encanta verte jugar ahora con mi equipo favorito de la Grandes Ligas, los Gigantes de SF. Es demasiado fino poder verte jugar y ver la dedicación que tienes en el outfield. Nunca te das por vencido, que bueno! Sigue pa’ lante! Saludos de tu pais y espero que vengas para Venezuela a jugar en tus vacaciones!!

You are awesome, Blanco! I love watching you guys! GO GIANTS!!!🙂

hilarious! thanks for the insight!

We are behind you 100% Gregor. Just keep doing what you do!

You’re doing great Blanco! I always love hearing your insights into the game and the team. “switching to decaf” – That’s funny.

THe hard work has paid off Gregor!!! You are HOT!!! Getting some awesome hits! I love to see you do well because I wanna see you play more! Love watching you out there! You are such a hustler! Always so focused!!! Keep doin what you’re doin!!! Go get those nasty Nats tonight! NO SWEEP!!! UACCEPTABLE!!! You got this!!!Go Gregor and my G-men!!!!!!!😉

I just discovered this blog and I am so glad I did. I’ve been a Giants fan since 1982 and you are one of my favorite Giants, from any era!

I wish you played more. I enjoy watching you play🙂 what do you do during the off season? Just curious. Thanks for bloggin Gregor!

Love watching you play. I had a jersey made up with your name and number at the end of last season. It is white and gold. I wear my Blanco jersey and Angel halo together. Happy Day!

Woo Hoo! It was so fun watching you jump in and do what you do best! Great post!

Love watching you play Gregor! And love seeing the high fives in the dugout! Keep up the good work – and keep on blogging!🙂

some people say you don’t belong in the majors, gregor. i for one have never thought that. you are one of my favorite giants. always routing for you. keep up the great work!!!!

Dios te bendiga, aunque no te escriba muy seguido, se de todo lo que haces y leo tu blog, es una forma de escucharte y sentirte cerca, es muy cierto lo que dices es cuestión de actitud, no sabia que escribías tan bien, te felicito es otra cualidad que tienes. Dios te continúe bendiciendo. Tu mamá y tus abuelos (Celina, Baudilia y Ciro Julian), están orgullosos de ti y nosotros también. Te quiero mucho.

I sit up and take notice every time you go up to bat, bc I know something special will happen! You will get a/several RBI whether you go to home or not. Keep up w/ the coffee and your line drive and ground balls!

aww man….i love watching you go for it! it only ends up being a matter of a millisecond….and you gotta try! you had a great game….so happy that you’re feeling good. i hope you’re with the Giants for a loooong time. You belong on the best team!!!

Its great to see you back in the line-up. I love watching you play. Amazing defense and great speed on the base path. I would like to see you get more playing time while Belt is out.. hopefully Bochy has you in the line-up more often following your recent success.

On a side note, I had the pleasure to meet you and get a photo with you last year in Atlanta. You are a great player and a better guy. Hope to see you in San Francisco later this year.

Greets from Sydney Australia,


Keep drinking fully caffeinated coffee. So glad you’re doing well. We love our white shark

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Im so happy for you Gregor, glad youre doing really well! Keep up the good work🙂

It’s always good to hustle, just hustle smart is all we can ask. That attempted triple was the most exciting play yesterday, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Keep drinking the caffeinated, just don’t switch to espresso! Have another great game tonight, White Shark!

I just started reading your blog and I am really enjoying it! Keep up the excellent work, both on the field and on your blog, Greg!

Love watching you play! Great blog!

ooops … sorry, gregor … I spelled your name wrong!

hey greger … congrats on your big game yesterday. It’s so cool to see you get your groove back. It looks like you’re having fun!!! keep up the great work!!! GO GIANTS!

Hey, man, you are not a DeCaf guy – you play hard, you smell an rbi, or a run and you go for it. Well, it would have been great had you made the triple, but you got two rbi’s! Just keep up the attitude and the little misjudgements are soon forgotten. You always make me smile – the minute I hear your music, I know I am going to see some hustle. This whole team is great and they are giving us fans a real ride. I sit out in those stands and I can tell you how much love comes your way — that goes for every member of this team.

I love the way the Giants are playing. As a team. A different guy steps up every day, and it’s fun to watch.

I love you Gregor!! You were the caffeine in our game yesterday! I’m always so happy when you’re playing! Keep up the great work and keep having fun! What a fantastic, talented, and determined team we have this season! Love it!

Nice post. Keep up the good work, and go Giants ! ! !

NO! Don’t switch to decaf! I love when you go for it… like that Almost In the Park HR a few weeks ago. It was so exciting, even if you were thrown out. That play really got the crowd amped! Saw Belt tried to give you a bit more than a Hi-5 yesterday. He said it was “payback.” Oooh, can’t wait until he gets back and you can pay him back! Love you guys. Keep up whatever you’re doing… it’s working and I’m so happy for you!

Love you Gregor! Not everybody realizes how hard it is to come off that bench and go in and make those all important plays and you’ve been making it look easy! Thanks for your devotion to the Giants you’re showing them that even if you’re not an everyday starter, you are still a valuable asset to the team. I hope you
L be with the Giants for a long time. You have that Giant attitude which makes me proud to be a Giants fan. The Giants are a class act and you have that attitude.

Like Panda and his cowboy boots, it’s you and your coffee! Don’t change a thing, Gregor!

Do not change good coffee is great,,,!!!! Estimado Gregor adelante con toda la confianza del mundo !!!!!!

While I would’ve loved to have seen you leg out the triple, you did what you needed to do — you got the runs home!🙂

Watching you play yesterday brought a smile to my face. Great game…nicely done!

Don’t switch anything,,,,,,keep the caffeine,,,keep doing what you’re doing! And have fun!

I love watching you play. Your great. You have such a good attitude, the whole team does. You all play as a team, really caring about one another. It shows. Keep up the good work.

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