Awesome Day at the Park

Wow, I’m so happy for Timmy. He’s such a great guy and a great teammate that you just want to see him get a no-hitter every time he steps on the mound. He’s one of those guys who treats everybody exactly the same, whether you’re a rookie or a superstar veteran. He talks to everybody. He comes to the park every day wanting to have fun and do everything he can to win.
After a no-hitter, you have a little celebration in the clubhouse for the pitcher. We all had our paper cups of champagne and Timmy walked in from the dining room with his medieval helmet on and a USA soccer jersey with his name on the back. The no-hitter pitcher is supposed to say something about the no-hitter and what it means to him. But Timmy is so humble he didn’t want to say anything. So he just thanked us and said how much he appreciated everybody.
Timmy is different from any other pitcher I’ve played with. He’s always loose and always ready to have fun, even on days he pitches. Most pitchers stay to themselves on the day they pitch, and you’re not supposed to talk to them. Timmy’s the opposite. Or rather he’s the same whether he’s pitching or not. Even during the no-hitter, he was chatting and joking in the dugout. Pretty awesome.
From centerfield today I could see he was throwing every pitch pretty much exactly where he wanted to throw it. On 3-2 counts, he threw the change-up without hesitation. He located his fastball on 2-0 counts. Nobody did any damage against him. It was great to watch. As a fielder, I wasn’t nervous about the ball coming to me. Actually I wanted every ball to come to me. I like to back up my pitchers.
Timmy’s hitting was unbelievable, too — two hits! As Bochy said, it was The Timmy Show today. I’ve told him several times that he has an outstanding swing. He really does. After his two hits, he worked the count for a walk! What he did today was really amazing.
I was really happy for Hector, too. A no-hitter is huge for any catcher but especially for a back-up. In the minor-leagues, Hector struggled with his defense. He worked on it, and now he’s a different guy. He has the confidence of his pitchers. He knows how to call a great game. I’m really proud of him and so happy this happened to him.
I’m writing this quickly because we have Family Day at the park this afternoon. Once a year, the players’ and coaches’ families come to the park to play on the field and get family photos taken and eat an early dinner together. There’s face-painting and wiffle ball and probably hula-hoops. My little son is tugging at me right now to get out there! He won’t remember that Timmy threw a no-hitter today, but he might remember swinging a plastic bat and running the bases at AT&T Park with all the other kids. That’s a cool memory, too.



Gregor!!! I had a blast watching such an excellent and exciting win yesterday. Glad you caught my throw🙂 Good luck today in Oakland… Go get ’em!


thanks for the insight, very interesting! congrats on your homer today! hope you had fun at family day!

Thank you so very much for sharing these stories with us, I greatly appreciate them and I’m sure many others do as well. I love to hear the inside stories about players and with all that happens to a major league ballplayer, I’m just grateful you can spare the time to share your thoughts and memories and experiences with us fans like this. Thank you for taking your time to share this with us.

It’s great to see you getting more playing time. Thanks for writing even though it was Family Day. Enjoy the time with your little boy…they grow up so quickly! We were all excited for Timmy. It’s neat to have you share the clubhouse insights with the fans. We love you guys, win or lose. It’s been an awesome season so far even though things haven’t been going quite the way we would like them to the last few weeks. GO GIANTS!

We love you White Shark! Thanks for your positive attitude and for sharing your insight to Timmy’s great day!!

I sat out there on Wed. in compete awe of what was happening (even rewatched the game on Channel 40 that night) But to hear how thrill you were made the day even more special for a fan. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking your precious time to share with us. I’ll bet you had great fun with your lttlle boy out there 0 wish I could have seen all the kids running around. You are a special Dad for that the little guy. What is his name?

Keep up the hustle and the enthusiasm – it is not missed on us fans.

Thanks for sharing the info about Timmy…I always wondered what he is like! He seems like a pretty down to earth cool guy! Not to mention funny! And I guess he really is! And yes Hector does an awesome job behind the plate! I liked how he was afraid to hug Timmy after the no-no because he didn’t wanna hurt him!!! lol Hope you guys win tonight… but boy that Cueto is pretty tough! But I have faith!!! On this day in 2012 (WS Year) we were tied with the Dodgers! Don’t give up!!!! Don’t ever give up!!!! Good luck tonight Gregor! And all the G-men!!!!

Such an exciting game last night!!!! Thanks for writing, Blanco! Love watching you guys! GO GIANTS!!! 🙂

Thanks for posting, Gregor. Congrats to Timmie and all of you! Go GIANTS!,

Gregor, your blog is a perfect example why we all love the Giants so much! Each of you go out of your way to make the rest of the team shine…a true team or really…family!

i love when you share these moments with us! that was an awesome game all around and the whole team was just fantastic backing timmy up! it’s so great that you were a part of both of his no-hitters. hope you all celebrated at family day!

Great post Gregor! We are a part of some amazing times with our Giants and I relish every part of it. Games: live at the yard, on TV, on the radio. The interviews afterwards with the players, the announcer commentaries, and the Facebook posts from the team and the players I belong to. All of players that blog. It is the best time in the world to be a Giants Fan (and Gamer Babe too!) Keep up the good work!

Thanks for sharing the no-hitter experience from the CF perspective. It was fun to watch! And yes – get out there and let your boy swing the bat and run the bases – that, too, is quiet a memory!🙂

Yesterday game was so exciting to watch. Timmy was amazing. He was so happy. He had a smile on his face, and was enjoying himself. You could tell that all of you were excited for him. Your all like a brotherhood, that really cares for each other. Thank you Gregor for always thinking of us fans and keeping us in the loop. You’re awesome!

Gregor, I loved your interview with Amy G. yesterday. You really have been a part of so many iconic moments for the Giants in the last couple of years. I love your blog posts and hope you continue to do them. Thanks for all you do for this team. Onward and upward. GO GIANTS!!

Maybe your little guy will remember that something special happened on this family day and you can tell him about it years from now. It’s so nice to hear that family and teammates can all take the field at different times and all of it is important to the team that we care about. Thanks, Gregor, for letting us know what’s going on in the background. Hope the Family Day was fun for everybody — just like the no-hitter!

I’m very happy not just for Timmy but also for the rest of the team. What you guys have accomplished is something worth sharing to the whole world. I deeply admire how you work together as a team and how willing you all are to sacrifice for the sake of others. Your blog right here, Gregor, is a good read because there are no pretensions whatsoever. It speaks nothing but the truth and it shows how united the team is. Great job. Now, I wish you all the best of luck! #SFGiants #OrangeAndBlack!

Thanks for sharing. I love hearing that it was a family day just for the organization’s family! How lucky is that for the kids to play in the field. Also Congrats to Timmy no-no! Sounds like Tim is really good guy. He deserves to enjoy all that he accomplished. Again, thanks for sharing, Gregor.

Thanks for sharing and taking the time to blog! Hope you had a GREAT night with your family and the team. What a great day!!

It’s always great to hear a little about what goes on in the locker room, especially after a game like todays. Sorry you didn’t get to make one of your spectacular catches, but I’m sure you’ll have many more chances. Your little boy gets around. I remember seeing (hearing) him in the background during a bunch of player interviews. He’s a cutie, just like his dad! Have fun with your family. As always, thanks for sharing.

This is a great installment. I’m happy for the whole team. Do you have any idea how happy you make us fans…??? Even if we can’t make it to a game ….we always watch on TV .. and enjoy it so much…peace out…in Ukiah

Great read Blanco! What an amazing day for Timmy. I love hearing about the guy’s personalities so thanks! He sounds like a great guy as do all of you boys. You have all of my love and all of my loyalty. Have a wonderful family day after a wonderful game! #gogiants!

I totally enjoyed reading this blog and your view of today’s great game. Thanks! It is clear how much you respect and care for Timmy and Hector, and how proud you are to be a Giant and a loving dad. You’re a special guy. I saw the video of Timmy putting on his warrior helmet at the team celebration in the locker room. Do you have a helmet yet, and what does it look like? Keep up the great work Gregor!

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