Going Camping (Sort Of)

Just a quick post because I’m with my family and want to enjoy as much time with them as possible!

My wife and son and I flew to Miami after the game on Sunday. We saw our new house for the first time — it’s awesome. I bought it last year while it was still under construction. I just got the keys before I left San Francisco. My dad, my older son and some of my wife’s family joined us here from Venezuela.

There was nothing in the house when we arrived. Nothing. We bought air mattresses so we could sleep. We went to the store yesterday to buy dishes and all that stuff and some furniture. We got a couple of TVs and the cable guy hooked them up. So now we can watch the All-Star Game tonight. I doubt I’ll watch the whole thing. I’ll tune in during the late innings when our guys will get a chance to play. It’s exciting to watch them and cheer for them from home. They deserve it and I’m really proud of my teammates.

Mostly during the break, I want to let my body rest. We all need this break as a team. It’s good to clean our minds and hit reset and start fresh in the second half.

I want to say it’s awesome having Marco back. Everybody from the fans to the clubhouse guys are happy to see him here. And he’s really excited to be back. He said when he got here, it felt like the first day he made it to the big leagues.

In my last blog I wrote about my routine before games when I’m not in the lineup. So someone asked about my routine when I am in the lineup. I don’t do as much. I enjoy my time by myself and my teammates and conserve energy. I arrive around 2 for a 7 o’clock game. I stretch, do come core work, and take it easy. After batting practice, I have my meal — usually just a protein shake. I don’t like to eat much before a game. Then an hour before the game I sit in the hot tub, then take a nice shower and then stretch again. And right before the game, I hit a little bit in the cage and have one more stretch. Then I say to myself, “For the next three hours, play the best you can, give 100 percent and enjoy the game.’’

To answer another question, I follow the same routine at away games.

Someone else asked how I remind myself to stay within myself at the plate and not try to do too much. I don’t do anything special. If I put too much effort into one swing, I take a big breath and say to myself, “Remember who you are. Don’t try to do too much.’’
Thanks for supporting us through our tough stretch. Can’t wait for the second half, but right now it’s pretty nice here in Miami with my family.

Here are some photos from the first half of the season that I don’t think I shared before. Little Gregor really likes the microphone! And he loves Pablo.


July 15, 2014

10 a.m.



Que bello hijo tienes blanco, and your always such a great player keep up the good job for our great giants team, and fam time its very important so also congratz on your new home 😊😊

I agree with the above commenters, little Gregor could be a broadcaster one day! How cute he is. Always a fan through thick and thin.

Congratulations on a great game today, Gregor! My family is always rooting for you! We appreciate the time you take to share your thoughts and insights with us. This one must feel good. Thank you so much.

Congrats on your new home and being able to share it and spend time with your family. There is nothing like your first house. Love the pics you have shared with your son and the team. He sounds like he is following in his Dad’s footsteps. A great compliment to you and what a great Dad you are. Just watched your interview after the game, you played great defensively and offensively ! Keep it up!

Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you are doing. Congrats on the new home, looks like a great place for the little guy to grow up and play baseball like Dad.
Thanks for throwing me the ball during batting practice in Pittsburgh, I’m the old guy who missed it, and you so graciously threw it to me again. I have enjoyed watching you play since you came to the Giants. Good luck in the rest of the season.

Hope you got to stay a few extra days at home while playing the Marlins. You had a nice game Saturday. Good to see you all playing so well at the start of the second half.

Thanks for posting, Gregor. Your blog is great, and you’re a very friendly, warm writer! Maybe your little guy has a future in broadcasting. Good luck in the second half! GO GIANTS!!!

Thanks for sharing! The pics are priceless! He looks like you! Soo cute!🙂 Congrats on your new home! Wishing you & yours much happiness there! Enjoy your time off! You deserve it! Miss you guys! Good luck in the second half! No need to thank us for supporting you guys through the tough stretch because if you’re a true fan it’s what you do!!! Just don’t ever give up! You have an awesome team with unbelievable chemistry! You can do this! I BELIEVE!!! :))

Hi Gregor- so happy that you get to spend quality time with your family and your new house. My family (me, husband , his sister and his niece) we’re sitting above the arcade for Sunday’s exciting game. You played great and the team did as well. So glad to be a part of a fantastic Giants day in the city, and a win! Glad everything’s working its way back into place for the team! -always #1gamerbabe chely

Nice that you got to see your new house and even get a few things for it. I think resting was the best choice for the break. I hope all the guys got in some R and R during the break. I didn’t bother watching the ASG. Guess the AL won again. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your son. He’s very good looking like dad. Good luck in the second half.

You seem like such a family man and that must be hard to play ball and be away from a normal HOME for so long. Enjoy your little ones. Soon enough you will be watching them from the stands. By the way your batting is awesome and your defense has always been on point. Just remember to breathe and everything will be o.k.

And by the way thank you for taking time out of your rare multiple days off to talk to us! It shows a real respect for us fans and it is greatly appreciated. And tell Marco it is wonderful to see him in the dugout again!!

Gregor! Congrats on the new house. So much fun to go out and furnish it!! Have a relaxing break. Love the pic of little Gregor especially the one where Pablo is hugging him! You guys have been a rough patch but you are still together and still only one game out of first place! You are a fantastic and essential player to the Giants just remember to not put too much pressure on yourself. When you remember to let it flow and be yourself you are so good both at the plate and in the field. I know you guys will be strong in the second half. Play strong and with heart. Don’t sell your outs cheaply and fight every moment! Which I know you will ! Love you guys.

Thanks for posting, Gregor. Have a nice rest and enjoy your family and your new house.

Love to read the blogs! It’s wonderful to see your family and congrats on the new home. Enjoy your time and Go Giants!

Yeehaw! I love your commentary of your regular life. It’s pretty much just like the rest of us. Enjoy your time off and your family. Hugs &❤

Hope you get some rest and quality time with your family during the break. Love the pictures! My husband is taking me to the saturday game against the Dodgers, I can’t wait! Please tell Scutaro we are all glad he is back!

What fun to able to see your new house and buy things for it — hope the TVs work okay tonight! Enjoy your time off and rest up for the remainder of the season. It’s going to be fun!

You are the kind of success story that makes me proud to be from a country that loves the Baseball. Thank you for sharing your story about your families’ experiences here. Keep it going! Us Giants’ fans have a tremendous respect for your work ethic and how you put your whole effort into whatever role the team needs you to play.
Go Giants!!!!

Kristen Lane
Larkspur, CA

Thank you so much for your blogs. Enjoy your new home and take it easy before you start the next half of the season! Little Gregor is adorable. Thank you for sharing pictures.

Thanks so much for taking the time during this all important break to let us know how you are doing. Congratulations on your new home — what fun! Your little boy is adorable, shower him with love from all your fans!
When you come back you will be rested and ready to do – remember your own words: do what you do best, swing easy, run fast (but stay safely on the base!)
You are loved by the fans at ATT.

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