The Baseball Gods Have Returned

I could see it from the first game after the All-Star Break. Everything started to change. Our bats came alive. And the baseball gods started smiling again. Bloopers fell. Grounders found holes. Before the break that wasn’t happening. We’d hit bloopers right at people. Opposing teams made great plays to stop the grounders. It was weird.

Now it’s like starting over.

That Tuesday game in Philadelphia — the one that went 14 innings and 5 hours and 46 minutes — showed a lot. We were so exhausted, and the Phillies kept bringing in one tough pitcher after another. We’re thinking, “This is never going to end.’’ I dashed up to the clubhouse to eat some bread and butter, drink a protein shake. In the dugout we were all eating protein bars and drinking water to try to keep from getting cramps or pulling a hammy.

In the 13th inning, I was tossing the ball in the outfield with Tyler Colvin. He told me he might pitch. Bochy had asked if he could do it. I thought, “OK, wow, this is where we are.’’ He wanted to warm up, and suddenly this outfielder is throwing me some nasty sliders and change-ups. I was like, “You can do this!’’

After we scored in the 14th, he was joking, “Oh, now I might not pitch!’’

It was one of those games where Bochy could have asked anyone to do anything and the answer would have been “yes.’’ I’d have pitched! I’ve only pitched two games in my life, when I was a kid, but for sure I’d go in if Bochy asked. We all really appreciate playing for the Giants. We’ll do whatever it takes to win. Look at Lincecum coming in to pitch. That right there shows us how much we want to win. It’s a game in July and Lincecum is coming in to pitch in relief.

But that was a loooooonng game. We’re still tired! After the game we all just said, “Good thing it’s not a day game tomorrow!’’ We got back to the hotel around 2am, and of course you’re still hyper from the game. You know it’s going to be hard to go to sleep. I closed the curtains tight so it would stay really dark when the sun came up, and finally went to sleep.

The next night we thought the game might go into extra innings again, but luckily — after Bumgarner pitched so well — Hunter came through. It was that kind of trip.

During the All-Star break, we really enjoyed the new house in Miami. Neighbors came by to welcome us. One family is from the Dominican. Another is from Panama. The contractor came by to make sure everything was OK. We had friends over to have champagne and a barbecue to christen the new house. We went to the beach one day.

My nine-year-old son, Granger, came in from Venezuela with my dad. He had never really seen me play in the Major Leagues because we weren’t able to get him a visa until last December.

Now Granger is here in San Francisco with us, too. He was dying to come to San Francisco, so he’s here with us now for about a month. Then he has to go back to school. I can’t wait to show him around. He’s coming to the game tonight!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and for coming out to support us!


3:30 p.m.


Wow think most of us didn’t know you had older son, that must be great having him around for 1 month. We all know the power of being around your father at that age, so even bigger for him. Con todos los Venezolanos en los Gigantes, es normal pa ver las goras de Gigantes en las calles de Venezuela? Ojala es muy facil pa su hijo de ver al equipo en el television tambien? Crees que el equipo tiene fe en los chabalos de Panik y Duffy pa 2b? Vaya, vamos a la ruta de Campeones otra vez!!

Brought tears to my eyes thinking about you being here and not having your son be able to get a visa. So glad he will be able to see you play. Hopefully things will go better today with jake pitching. The new house sounds really nice and your family is sure to get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Tyler pitching? That would have been something to see! Thank you for writing this blog. We love to hear this ‘inside’ stuff about the team. I love my Giants no matter what but I don’t want to see a Dodger sweep today. GO GIANTS!

The gods must have been busy when Grienke and Kershaw were pitching! Like anything in life just take your ABs and learn from them. I hope Pagan can join you soon.

Good to know that the players believe in the baseball gods, too!

Thanks for such a great post Gregor! It’s interesting to hear what goes on behind the scenes during such a long game. I just never thought about you guys having to eat during a game to keep up your energy. Does Tyler Colvin have pitching experience and do all players have to have some knowledge and skill with throwing certain types of pitches just in case they are asked to pitch? Also, do you know if anyone on the team (other than Buster and Hector) have with experience as a catcher? You must be so happy that you’re family is all together now. How does Granger (I like that name!) like San Francisco so far? Your sons are lucky to have such a great, talented dad to look up to.

You guys are great win or lose I hope you all stay healthy Scutaro need a back massage and I can do it.

Enjoy your time with your son! SF in August is the best time to visit. Thanks for sharing.

That was an amazing game! I bet you would do anything for Bochy at that point! My 4 year old grandaughter watched it together and had so much fun high fiving and clapping “let’s go Giant’s” ! I am glad you got to enjoy your new home. my husband is taking me to the Dodger game on Saturday. Thanks so much for the blog them

Bear LA, Gregor. Love you guys.

I love your blogs! Thank you so much for sharing your heart. I’m always cheering for you to do your best.

Have a great time with your son! And Beat LA! But have fun doing it.

I love these blogs, it’s great getting insight from an actual major league baseball player. We love you dude, keep up the awesome work!

Glad to hear your older son I here to visit with you. Beat LA tonight, Sat. and Sunday.

The All-Star game has always been good for you guys. Great job

Beat the Bums tonight. So glad your family is happy in your new home. Glad your here to stay. ❤

That’s fascinating about Tyler throwing you sliders in the outfield — but I’m still glad he didn’t pitch!

Glad to hear the house is working out and that you have good neighbors. Tell Granger we’re all glad he’s here and that you’re going to show him what a great team the Giants are. Have fun tonight against the Bums!

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